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Crime Boss: Rockay City is a star-studded GTA killer in first-person

Be your own boss in this organized crime sim.

World Premiere! The annual Game Awards, Geoff Keighley’s baby and gaming’s biggest night, always include numerous game announcements and never before seen trailers. One of the most surprising reveals of the 2022 Game Awards came from 505 Games and Epic Games. They announced a joint project called Crime Boss: Rockay City, which appears to be a star-studded send-up of ‘90s action films with a hefty helping of Grand Theft Auto. Here is everything you need to know about Crime Boss: Rockay City.

When is the Crime Boss: Rockay City release date?

Crime Boss will release exclusively for PC via the Epic Games Store on March 28th, 2023. Those wishing to play the game on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series consoles will have to wait for later in 2023, but no specific date was given for the console version release.

Crime Boss: Rockay City was just announced but is already just around the corner.

505 Games

Is there a Crime Boss: Rockay City trailer?

Yes! Crime Boss: Rockay City revealed itself during the 2022 Game Awards with a snazzy trailer. Check it out here:

Before the full reveal of Crime Boss, the game had been teased on Twitter by 505 games in the days leading up to the Game Awards with a cryptic trailer starring Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill actor Michael Madsen. The QR code in the trailer took fans to a website called “Visit Rockay City” with a countdown to the Game Awards.

Who is in the Crime Boss: Rockay City cast?

The protagonist Travis Baker will be played by Michael Madsen. He will be joined by a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars. Action icons Chuck Norris and Danny Trejo as well as names like Danny Glover, Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, and Damion Poiter will also be in the cast. Oh, and Vanilla Ice will be in the game.

Crime Boss will have a celebrity-packed cast.

505 Games

“The sheer volume of talent involved both in front of the camera and behind the development of Crime Boss is hugely exciting for 505 to be part of,” said Neil Ralley, President of 505 Games in a press release. “We’re thrilled to bring this truly exceptional organized crime game to gamers globally.”

What is the Crime Boss: Rockay City story?

Crime Boss: Rockay City follows protagonist Travis Baker’s attempt to take over the underworld of Rockay City (a fictional place in ‘90s Florida) through a series of turf wars and robberies in the wake of the previous crime boss’s demise.

What is Crime Boss: Rockay City gameplay like?

Combat will be a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Payday.

505 Games

Crime Boss: Rockay City is described by 505 Games as a “co-op organized crime game FPS.” Wow, that's a lot of descriptors!

In reality, this will play out by being able to pick your crew based on their skills in your journey through the single-player campaign. There will also be PVE co-op multiplayer in which you can “execute thrilling hits and heists with up to four players.”

To put it simply, Crime Boss: Rockay City will play out like FPS GTA in the single-player campaign, while the co-op multiplayer could have shades of GTA Online’s heists mixed with the intense FPS heists of the Payday series.

Crime Boss: Rockay City will release exclusively on the Epic Games Store on March 28th, 2023.

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