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This one gaming accessory might benefit your health — for just $20

Save yourself a world of pain with this one crucial accessory you need for marathon gaming.

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Not everything you need for gaming should have RGB lighting and Bluetooth. Some pieces of gear only need to do exactly what they're made for, and that's the case with compression gloves. If you find your hands and wrist cramping up after long hours spent aiming down sights or alt-tabbing windows, consider getting compression gloves before your next marathon session.

Compression gloves, which are usually used to treat symptoms associated with arthritis or other joint pains, have been adopted by hardcore gamers who find their hands cramping up on controllers and keyboards. They function just as well for anyone who works with their hands for long hours throughout the day, from writers and coders to construction workers and hairstylists.

Typically, compression gloves provide pressure to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation. Some are thermal, which also warm the hands to ease joints and alleviate some pain. A few popular "As Seen on TV" brands like Copper Fit advertise lacing their gloves with copper, which they claim improve the glove's compression.

It should be said upfront that the science behind compression gloves remains inconclusive. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting their benefit for activities like gaming, nothing should be understood as factually proven until more studies reveal their effectiveness. For now, just know that these might help if you're feeling a little stiff in the wrist.

Here are three options to start with...

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1.The best compression gloves for gaming, for just $20

Copper Fit is the most visible brand for compression gloves with polished "As Seen on TV" commercials. It's also the brand that popularized putting copper into such gloves. For $20 you get a pair of copper-infused nylon/spandex gloves that the company claims can aid swelling and reduce pain. The breathable wicking fabric and copper also reduce odor.

2. The sport option for compression gloves

An alternative brand to Copper Fit, CopperJoint also produces upper body and lower body joint compressions, as well as socks and insoles. Much of their advertising centers on relieving joint pains as a result of an active lifestyle. So if you're a gamer who offsets long double XP weekends with outdoor runs and hikes, CopperJoint may be what you're looking for.

3. The comfier compression gloves for gaming

An Amazon best-seller, Comfy Brace has a more breathable model in a heather gray color. While not recommended for heavy-duty activities like lifting weights (otherwise they may tear apart), these still get the job done if all you're doing is crossing off the weekly challenges in Fortnite and Call of Duty.

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