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2 best ways to farm Halo Rings in Bayonetta 3

Angels and demons.

Bayonetta sparkling with guns in the air

Bayonetta 3 doesn’t end with its story. It still has the allure of platinum medals, cosmetics, and secret chapters after the rollercoaster of an ending. There’s a different way to unlock each, though. Bayonetta 3 has three types of currencies: Seeds, Orbs, and Halos. Seeds are the main currency used for buying lollipops, Witch Hearts, and other battle-related items. Orbs are for unlocking and upgrading skills in Bayonetta, Viola, and Infernal Demon skill trees. Last but not least, Halos pay for cosmetics like color swaps for Bayonetta and Viola’s outfits.

Unfortunately, Halos don’t come across as easily as the other two currencies. They only drop from specific enemies and scenarios. Here are the two best ways you can farm Halo rings in Bayonetta 3.

1. Angel enemies

An example of an “angel” enemy-filled verse.


Angel enemies are found in specific chapters of Bayonetta 3 in golden areas (as seen above). They don’t take on one specific form of homunculi, but they do appear as enemies with a golden glow in verses when you enter the aforementioned areas.

One such place can be found in Chapter 3 Verse 1, which we’ll show you how to approach here.

If you look to the right side of this image, there’s a golem cube waiting on one of the lower buildings. That’s the one.


Bayonetta starts Chapter 3 in the middle of a demolished city. Jump to the first “lower building on the right” with a golem cube on it that you find. Attack the golem cube to open a path of platforms leading to a secret entrance. Double jumping is the easiest way to follow it without falling. The platforms move every few moments. Thankfully, you restart from the top of the building if you fall.

What the path to the secret entrance looks like once you open the golem cube.


Once you reach the entrance, follow it into a railway area with a golden beam. That verse should exclusively have angel enemies that you can fight over and over from the beginning of the chapter.

1. Jeanne’s Mini Game

Jeanne’s Side Chapter stealth missions get their own Halo mini-game toward the end of Bayonetta 3. You need to complete Side Chapter 4 to unlock Chapter 12 and the mini-game. After that, her mini-game should appear as an option in Rodin’s Gates of Hell.

Press the - button from Chapter Select to visit Rodin’s shop. There should be a “Mini Game” option at the bottom below “Witches Respite.” Each game costs only 300 Seeds, which are the most common currency in Bayonetta 3 and can be earned automatically from any fight. The hard part will be actually beating the levels to collect Halos.

This option is the best and most straightforward way to earn Halos later in the game. However, if you lose the level, you get nothing for your Seeds or your time. The more difficult levels reward more Halos upon completion, but it ultimately becomes a real skill test. Is the risk worth the reward?

Bayonetta 3 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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