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6 ways to get new DIY recipes every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Expand your horizons by building new things each time you visit your island.

As you play through Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll craft D.I.Y. recipes through a variety of means. Unfortunately, you might hit a wall, running out of ways to showcase your Etsy-esque talent. To get the D.I.Y train rolling again, you’ll need to get your hands on some new recipes, but how exactly do you obtain more?


Recipe cards will pop up on your island throughout the day, you just need to know where to look. There are seven tasks you can add to your daily routine to multiply your recipe card earnings.

6. Check at the Message Bottles on your shore

In the real world, messages in a bottle are famously used for scientific studies, S.O.S., and communication. Animal Crossing uses them to deliver some carpenter wisdom, like how to build a new sofa for your house. Check your shores regularly, as a new message bottle containing a recipe card will be available once per day.

If multiple players occupy the same island, there will be one for each player every day. You can also create secondary users on your Switch, collect the message bottle as them, then drop it in a place for your main account to collect.

Message in a bottle


5. Go into your villager's homes

Check in on your villagers when they’re home. They’re often working on a project and they’ll be happy to share the recipe. If you visit every villager on a given day, you’ll end up with a book filled with new ideas.

4. Shoot down balloon presents

While roaming your island, you might spot a balloon tied to a present floating through the sky. These can be shot down with a well-timed use of your handy slingshot. What the balloon present contains is random, but if you can find some guess by looking at the balloon color. Red Balloons are extremely likely to contain furniture recipes. Conversely, Yellow Balloons usually contain Bells. Blue Balloons contain crafting materials like Iron Nuggets. Green Balloons contain a mix of everything.

3. Talk to Celeste at night

The museum curating owl, Blathers, has a sister named Celeste. She appears on the island at night while there are clear skies or meteor showers present. If you can find her and interact with her, Celeste will have a recipe for you. These will usually be space or astrology-themed recipes, and you can also nab a magic wand from this, allowing you to change outfits with ease.

Blue Balloon present


2. Use Amiibo to get new recipes

If you use Amiibo to add new villagers to your island, they’ll often ask for a souvenir, something that’s distinctly your island. If you’ve never made what they’re requesting, they'll give you the recipe for how to do it. There’s no way to control what you get –– it’s completely random. The best practice is to scan a new amiibo every day. It won’t be consistent, but you’ll have another shot at getting a new recipe.

1. Use Mystery Islands

One of the most efficient ways to farm Iron Nuggets is also the best way to farm recipe cards. Buy a Nook Miles ticket and head to Dodo Airlines to make your way to a Mystery Island. Once there, you’ll get a new chance to pick up messages in a bottle and talk to a villager. There should be a villager present, who will give you a recipe if spoken to.

With all these methods at hand, you’ll complete your Nook Miles D.I.Y. tasks in no time! Once you’re done, perhaps focus on collecting Redd’s art with a new item exploit?

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