How to get the Among Us Imposter skin in Fall Guys

There’s an imposter among us in Fall Guys’ latest season.

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Fall Guys Season 4 has gotten a little bit sus. The latest chapter in the popular elimination game takes players to the year 4041 with a new season steeped in science fiction. That brings neon lights, futuristic stages, and of course, new skins. While there are plenty of alien outfits to collect, the big prize comes from this season’s Among Us crossover.

Players can grab a new skin based on the indie phenomenon. The now-iconic red Crewmate is available in the game ... but with a twist. After all, it wouldn’t be Among Us without an Imposter, would it?

Here’s how you can get the new skin and how to play as the Imposter in Fall Guys.

How to get the Among Us skin in Fall Guys

The simple answer is that you’ll just need to play the game a lot. The red Crewmate costume is part of Season 4’s Fame Path, which is the Fall Guys version of a battle pass. That means you can’t buy it with Kudos. You’ll need to earn it by getting enough experience. Luckily, it’s not too deep in the Path. You can get the bottom half of the outfit at level 21 and the top half at level 26.

Of course, that means you’ll need to do a little grinding to get there. You’ll get experience from playing rounds. The higher you place, the more you’ll get. If you can consistently get to the last round or two, you’ll be able to nab this in no time at all.

For those hoping for their favorite color, red is the only shade available at the moment. Of course, the color of the costume will change in team games, so you can technically become a yellow, blue, or green Crewmate too.

Remember that this is a season exclusive costume. If you want it, you’ll have to get it before Season 5 begins. Since the latest chapter just began, that won’t be anytime soon. Just make sure you don’t lose track of time and end up scrambling to grind experience later this year.

How to play as the Imposter in Fall Guys

The Crewmate costume has one big secret: It can turn into the Imposter. When the variant is active, the glass on the crewmate’s helmet cracks and the outfit gains a nasty pair of teeth. It’s purely a visual change, so you won’t be able to snatch other beans with your giant tongue, but it’s still a fun quirk to this costume.

A Fall Guys fan shows off the Imposter in action.


As is the case in Among Us, playing as the Imposter is a chance. There’s no way to manually select the variant; It’ll happen at random. To have a shot at becoming the Imposter, players simply need to load into the game while wearing the full crewmate costume. Every once in a while, it’ll transform into the Imposter outfit.

While Fall Guys has done crossovers with video games like Doom and Half-Life in the past, this is the game’s most in-depth collaboration yet. The extra secret makes it feel a little more special than your average outfit. Hopefully, this opens the door for more thoughtful video game crossovers that make more direct references to the source material.

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