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How to Find the Doorknob in Alan Wake 2 and Get the Hunting Rifle

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Alan Wake 2 Saga Anderson
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Throughout Alan Wake 2 you’ll run into a multitude of puzzles and riddles, as is par for the course in survival horror games. These can often yield fantastic rewards, including valuable new weapons. If you want to get your hands on one of Saga’s best weapons, the hunting rifle, you’ll need to solve a puzzle that involves finding a lost doorknob in the Wellness Center of the Valhalla Nursing Home. It’s not a lengthy process, but it can be tricky nonetheless. Here’s how to find the doorknob in Alan Wake 2.

How to Unlock the Doors in the Wellness Center in Alan Wake 2

Keep following the path in the Wellness Center until you hit the security room.

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The Wellness Center is a relatively small location that you’ll have to move through after arriving at the Valhalla Nursing Home. You might stumble upon the doorknob-less door early on but don’t worry about it until you reach the Security Room (which you can see on the map above). The computer in the security office needs a password, and if you look around you’ll note the room is owned by Vladimir Blum. If you just want the code, you can look below. But if you want to solve it yourself, look around the room at the calendar, Blum’s notebook on the counter, and the letter from the Cult on the table. If you put all three of these on the Case Board, they’ll hint at the password, which involves a specific date in European format.

All the clues you need for the password are in the Security Room.

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The code is 170823, corresponding to August 17, 2023. Input the code into the computer and you’ll be able to turn off security doors, meaning every locked door in the Wellness Center will now be unlocked.

Where to Find the Doorknob in Alan Wake 2

Now that the doors are unlocked, you can head to the reception desk and find the doorknob in the cardboard box on the floor.

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After disabling security, head out the door to your left, take a right, and then head all the way to the exit doors straight ahead. To the right just ahead of the exit is the Staff Lounge, head in there and then take an immediate right to the brightly lit reception desk. In a box under the desk, you’ll find the doorknob you’ve been searching for.

Now, simply take the doorknob back to the broken door. Head inside and you’ll find the Hunting Rifle in the open weapon locker. This weapon will take up four slots in your inventory, but it’s easily Saga’s most powerful weapon, able to take out most enemies with one or two well-placed shots.

Alan Wake 2 is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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