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What If? Episode 6 premiere date, release time, spoilers, trailer, and Disney+ schedule

What If…? can go anywhere it wants this week.

If What If…? Episode 5 did just one thing right, it established that the animated Marvel series wasn’t afraid to do, well, anything.

The Disney+ original’s fifth installment brought to life a version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that had been overrun by a zombie virus and had even turned some of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into flesh-eating, undead drones. In fact, it was such an unapologetically weird, dark episode, and we can only imagine the directions that the remaining four installments of What If…?’s first season might take.

So, ahead of What If…? Episode 6’s premiere this week, here’s everything you should know in advance about the Marvel series’ newest episode, including its Disney+ release date, start time, and likely runtime.

When is the What If…? Episode 6 release date?

What If…? Episode 6 premieres Wednesday, September 15 on Disney+. After its premiere, only three episodes will remain of the animated Marvel show’s first season.

The What If…? Season 1 finale is set to debut Wednesday, October 6 on Disney+.

When is the What If…? Episode 6 release time?

“Do we know each other?”

Marvel Studios

What If…? Episode 6 will be available to stream on Disney+ Wednesday, September 15 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific, or 3:01 a.m. Eastern.

How long is the What If…? Episode 6 runtime?

As has been the case with the show’s previous five episodes, Marvel has so far held off on releasing the official runtime for What If…? Episode 6. However, based on how long each of the first five episodes of What If…? ran, it seems safe to say that the total runtime for this week’s episode will likely clock in somewhere between the 30 and 37-minute mark.

What is the plot of What If…? Episode 6?

Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s What If...?

Marvel Comics

Marvel has not officially released the plot synopsis or premise for What If…? Episode 6 yet, which means it’s impossible to know for sure what the episode’s focus will be. That said, there are several confirmed What If…? Season 1 plots that the show’s first five episodes have yet to explore, including one that sees Erik Killmonger saving Tony Stark from suffering the injury that kickstarted his Iron Man transformation.

Some early signs indicate that this week’s episode could very well follow that particular storyline. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see whether that’s actually the case when the episode premieres on Disney+ this coming Wednesday.

Where can I watch What If…? Episode 6?

What If…? is a Disney+ exclusive series, which means that only the streaming service’s paid subscribers have access to the show’s episodes.

Is there a What If…? Episode 6 trailer?

No official trailer for What If…? Episode 6 has been unveiled yet. That said, there’s still plenty of moments from Marvel’s previous What If…? trailers that have yet to be used in any of the show’s first five episodes. With that in mind, feel free to comb through the below trailers for any hints of what’s to come in What If…? Episode 6.

What If…? Episode 6 premieres September 15 on Disney+.

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