WandaVision Episode 8 leaks reveal a huge time-travel twist

We may finally see a WandaVision flashback that isn't a cutaway gag.

Even though Wanda Maximoff is the star of her own series, we don't know much about her. Her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was jammed into Avengers: Age of Ultron, so there wasn't much time for a full origin story beyond a few sad lines about her dead parents โ€” but it appears that's all about to change. A new, unconfirmed leak of images from an upcoming WandaVision episode could fill in the gaps of Wanda's story. Combined with past leaks, it may change the game dramatically in Episode 8. Warning! Possible spoilers ahead.

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Redditor u/BrineDude_Gaming recently posted two images that they claim to be from an upcoming episode of WandaVision. One shows what appears to be Wanda and Agatha in a dingy room looking over a small child and a man. Another shows a young girl who seems to be lit up by a screen, possibly a television.

The photos are totally unconfirmed. They may be photoshopped, but despite the low resolution, it does certainly look like Wanda and Agatha are featured wearing their same costumes from Episode 7.

Wanda at the end of Episode 7, wearing the same thing that appears to be in the leaked photo.

Marvel Entertainment

So what does this mean for WandaVision? Well, it looks like after six episodes of television fantasies, Wanda will instead be venturing into her memories with the help of Agatha Harkness, Christmas Carol-style.

This will hopefully reveal some much-needed background on Wanda's past and even why she's using sitcoms to cope with her grief. Assuming that really is a young Wanda basking in the glow of a TV, it makes sense that she could have grown up in Sokoia watching the same shows WandaVision has been parodying for six weeks. American shows in Eastern Europe provided a glimpse of what Western life was like as a sort of fantasy, which would explain why Wanda would default to them in her denial of Vision's true fate.

The previous flashback we've seen in WandaVision โ€” a Halloween cutaway gag a la Malcolm in the Middle.

Marvel Entertainment

These leaks are especially interesting combined with the past set photos showing Agnes being burned at the stake in puritanical clothing. Many correctly assumed these leaks meant she was the classic comics witch Agatha Harkness, but we haven't seen that footage in the show yet. Perhaps Wanda isn't the only one with a flashback in store, and we'll get a glimpse of Agatha's past. Hopefully, that will also include some exposition on her connection to Wanda and how she herself ended up in Westview.

Considering how WandaVision has now covered television shows from the 1950s to the 2010s, it's unlikely we'll get one of these show-within-a-show episodes again. These leaks tease that while the television format may be gone, we may still get a sitcom-style flashback effect or two in Episode 8.

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