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WandaVision post-credits theory reveals Scarlet Witch's Doctor Strange 2 role

Wanda's comics past and WandaVision present leads to inevitable future Madness.

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The WandaVision finale's post-credits scene is one of tranquility, as well as sleeping chaos — much like the Westview anomaly itself.

While Episode 9's closing moments do provide some closure in Wanda Maximoff's grief cycle, it also alludes to the beginning of a whole new chapter in her journey. Confused on what the very last scene of the Disney+ series means for the Scarlet Witch moving forward? Luckily, the comics provide some serious insight into where this next chapter will take Wanda — and the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large. Major spoilers ahead.

The WandaVision finale's mid-credits scene concerns Monica Rambeau's strange new abilities, while the series-ending post-credits scene is entirely dedicated to Wanda. Panning down on a hut by a placid lake, Wanda is revealed wearing leisurewear and sipping tea, peacefully working through the loss of her family.

But as the camera explores further, another Wanda, in her Scarlet Witch getup, is levitating and reading the Darkhold book while using her powers — and hearing the voices of Billy and Tommy, calling out for help. How's that for a cliffhanger?

Wanda as the Scarlet Witch consulting the Darkhold.

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It's a provocative ending, but it's also one that shines a light on Wanda's future. Let's start with the Darkhold, which Agatha Harkness called the "Book of the Damned." This artifact not only offers an opportunity for Wanda to learn more about how to control "Chaos Magic," it also allows her to read up on the history of the Scarlet Witch title itself. As Wanda learns more about her Chaos Magic, she may also have to consult an expert in the matter — leading to her announced appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This final moment is a huge deal for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As multiverses get discovered, powers like the "probability hex" Wanda used when she was just ten years old will get fully explained. It also means the Darkhold could be used in some way in the upcoming movie — for good, and quite likely for evil.

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In the comics, the Darkhold was created by the Elder God Chthon, who gave Wanda her powers through the Chaos Magic she now uses. In fact, Chthon has possessed Wanda multiple times, prompting her mentor, Agatha Harkness, to call a doctor for help. That doctor? You guessed it: Doctor Strange. In fact, all three of Wanda, Agatha and Strange once went on a hunt for pages of the Darkhold used by random people to grant their wishes in exchange for their souls.

The MCU's version of Wanda might take a similar approach if she uses the Darkhold for more than just research purposes. If she uses its powers to revive her family yet again, she could get herself into hot water with an Elder God, and that's a villain that makes S.W.O.R.D. look like her late puppy Sparky. In such an event, Wanda's best source of help would be Doctor Strange. It's quite likely the plot of Multiverse of Madness itself, in fact, if it turns out the Elder God Chthon is hiding in another dimension.

Agatha calls on Dr. Strange after Wanda is possessed by Chthon in Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins #4.

Marvel Comics

If Wanda is merely using the Darkhold to study up on her powers and the long line of Scarlet Witches behind her, she could also use the multiverse to explore her true identity. One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the comics follows Wanda as she speaks to a spectral version of her birth mother, Natalya Maximoff, who was the Scarlet Witch before her. Could we see such a scene through the multiverse? If you thought WandaVision was an emotional roller coaster, just wait.

Whether Wanda is just reading or using the Darkhold, both paths lead to a more powerful, focused Scarlet Witch — and exposition regarding the origin of her powers, Chthon. So while we know Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it might be time to start fan-casting for an Elder God fueled on chaos.

Personally? My money's on Nic Cage.

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