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WandaVision Easter egg connects to a pivotal Avengers: Infinity War moment

A heartbreaking moment in Infinity War gets a clever callback in the newest episode of WandaVision.

Marvel fans on Reddit continue to find secrets buried deep inside WandaVision. The latest unearthed nugget is a smart callback to the moment Wanda lost Vision in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War that could have huge implications for the Disney+ show.

Though the WandaVision Easter egg in question isn't an exact re-enactment of what happened in Infinity War, there are still enough similarities that fans are buzzing on Reddit's WandaVision subreddit.

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A subtle WandaVision Easter egg

Over at r/WandaVision, a Reddit forum dedicated to all things WandaVision, a user named u/shaxanab created a collage that revealed a striking parallel between Avengers: Infinity War's climactic ending and WandaVision's third episode, "Now in Color."

In u/shaxanab's post, they show that the moment Vision tells Wanda to kill him to prevent Thanos from taking the Mind Stone has similar lines of dialogue to the moment Wanda goes into labor. While most of the dialogue does differ, both instances show that Wanda is "out of time" and an assurance that Wanda "can" when she thinks she "can't."

In watching both the Infinity War and WandaVision scenes back to back, the similarities aren't perfect. (Vision never actually says "Look at me," though he does mean it when Wanda panics.) But they are similar thematically, and perhaps even emotionally.

How Infinity War and WandaVision connect

Aside from a sense of immediate urgency, both moments show Wanda's self-doubt in times of crisis. While the outcome of Infinity War is the death of half the universe and the outcome of WandaVision is the birth of her two children, Wanda still believes herself incapable of doing something when she is, in fact, capable. She just needs a little push from someone close.

Reddit, at least, is impressed by the similarities. Says user u/cxtx3, "The sheer amount of thought that went into producing this is mind-boggling. This show is an absolute masterwork."

Another user, u/fidgitnz, replies to u/cxtx3, "I'm becoming more and more convinced this whole show was intended very much as a love letter to the fans of the franchise, as much as anything else. There's so much a casual observer wouldn't pick up on, there's so many, many things they've popped in (some that I suspect aren't even obvious yet even though we've seen them)."

Just three episodes in, Marvel fans are continuing to find Easter eggs in WandaVision on Disney+. What else does Marvel have up its sleeve?

Marvel Studios

The Inverse Analysis — I personally maintain that the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't as tightly plotted as we're led to believe. Tony Stark's note-perfect "I am Iron Man" at the end of Avengers: Endgame, which wraps up an eleven-year story going back to the start of the MCU, was totally improvised at the suggestion of the film's editor, Jeff Ford. So I'm a little skeptical at this being a purposeful "Easter egg" to Infinity War given its mile-wide differences.

I admit the similarities between Infinity War and WandaVision are striking. But it's not close enough that I think it's intentional by the show's writers. I'm not poo-pooing it, but it's possible WandaVision's writing is a coincidence; assurance during labor is a common thing in other movies and TV shows (and, you know, real life). This isn't unique to the MCU. And again: Vision doesn't actually say half the lines this collage says he does.

But if this is intentional by the writers of WandaVision, then I'll concede it's impressive. At the very least, it makes me want to watch Avengers: Infinity War again.

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