The Marvels leak could confirm a major Avengers: Secret Wars theory

Kamala’s teamup may not go according to plan.

Ms. Marvel was all about Kamala Khan, who idolized Carol Danvers to the point where she discovered her powers while cosplaying as her. But we didn’t see any crossover between the two heroes until the last moments of the series, when they literally swapped places.

That set the stage for their upcoming team-up movie, The Marvels. But just what will happen in their new adventure? A new leak details what’s in store for Kamala, Carol, and Monica Rambeau, and it could be our first building block to Avengers: Secret Wars.

In a detailed post on the r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit, one leaker has laid out what they apparently saw in a rough cut of The Marvels. We’ve known for a while that the villain of The Marvels will be played by Zawe Ashton, but this leak gives us more details of her role.

Zawe Ashton may be playing Kree leader Dar-Benn in The Marvels.

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If the leak is to be believed, Ashton will play Dar-Benn, the leader of the Kree. She’ll have the other bangle the ClanDestine were looking for in Ms. Marvel, and she’ll use a new weapon to sap resources from other planets to help her rebuild Hala. One of the planets she’ll target is Aladna, where Carol has married a prince for diplomatic reasons, and also everyone sings all the time. That may sound like it comes out of left field, but it’s pulled straight from the comics and has been detailed in previous leaks.

But apparently all the portals created to transport resources make the fabric of the universe unstable, resulting in a massive incursion, the multiversal catastrophe we heard about in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. According to the leak, Monica Rambeau will have to enter another universe to fix the incursion, only to find herself trapped there.

Dar-Benn’s plan revolves around saving Hala, the Kree homeworld.

Marvel Studios

If the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars follows the comic book saga, then these incursions will play a large role in establishing a massive adventure. In the comics, Doctor Doom pieces together a new reality from all these incursions. Dar-Benn could be inadvertently fueling his sinister plan, and could unleash something truly evil in the last few moments of the film.

The Inverse Analysis While all leaks should be treated with skepticism, this one feels too detailed to be fake, and it works towards establishing big movies that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dragging its feet on. Now that we know where everything is heading, the teases for Secret Wars can become moreblatant. The wars may be secret, but the foreshadowing shouldn’t be.

The Marvels premieres in theaters July 28, 2023.

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