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The Boys Season 3 trailer has a brutal parody of Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad

Plus, our first look at Soldier Boy.

After a brief foray into animation, The Boys are officially back in town. Amazon just released the first trailer for The Boys Season 3, and it includes our first look at Soldier Boy and a hilarious parody of one very memorable Pepsi commercial. But perhaps more important, it also reveals a drastic change for the Boys’ leader, Billy Butcher.

Let’s dive in.

The Boys Season 3 trailer breakdown: Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad

Early in the trailer, we see what looks like peaceful protesters squaring off against the police. It’s unclear what exactly they’re protesting for, but it turns out that’s the point. A moment later, speedster superhero A-Train attempts to break up the conflict by offering the cops a can of Turbo Rush, an energy drink with his face on it. It’s a commercial — and not a particularly good one.


Kendall Jenner saves the day.

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If this all seems familiar, you’re not wrong. Pepsi released a very similar commercial back in 2007 in which reality-TV-star-turned-model Kendall Jenner attempted to deescalate an anti-police protest by giving the cops a can of soda.

Honestly, this is incredible, and I can’t wait to see what kind of backlash A-Train gets — similar to what happened IRL to Jenner. But beyond this parody, the new trailer for The Boys Season 3 also contains some major revelations...

The Boys Season 3 trailer breakdown: Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3.


Played by Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy is a new addition to The Boys series.

In the comics, he’s a minor antagonist. The original Soldier Boy fought for America in WWII, but in the present, he gets replaced with a new hero while the public is told it’s the same guy. Ultimately, Soldier Boy is murdered by The Boys.

In The Boys Season 2, it was revealed that this version of Solider Boy also fought in WWII. So it’s possible the show could follow the same plot here as it did in the comics, though after what we saw with Stormfront, it’s possible this version of Solider Boy really is the same one from the 1940s. The Season 3 trailer doesn’t reveal much, but between his shield and his superstrength, this supe seems like a direct parody of Marvel’s Captain America.

The Boys Season 3 trailer breakdown: Billy Butcher gets superpowers

Billy levels the playing field.


Finally, the trailer reveals that Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) now has superpowers, presumably after injecting himself with Compound V (the same chemical used to create all superheroes and villains in this story).

This is actually more similar to the comics, where the entire Boys team gets injected with Compound V so they can take on the corrupt superheroes. It’s unclear if any other Boys member in the show will get powers this season, but it definitely seems possible.

The Boys Season 3 premieres June 3 on Amazon.

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