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Star Wars theory solves Rey's biggest plot hole in Rise of Skywalker

Why weren't all Jedi Force healing?

There's a powerful moment in The Rise of Skywalker where Rey reaches out and Force heals Kylo Ren after their duel in the remains of the Death Star. It's a meaningful gesture, but it prompted a lot of confusion. If Jedi can just simply heal those around them, why didn't, for example, Obi-Wan heal Qui-Gon Jinn? Why didn't Anakin heal Padmé?!

If Force healing feels like a screenwriting device inserted into Rise of Skywalker to give Rey and Kylo a way to bond, well, that's because it probably is, but there may be a simple explanation for this handy Jedi superpower that no one bothered to use until Star Wars: Episode IX.

In a post on the Star Wars Theories subreddit, user ghostybiscuits reminded readers of one thing that made Rey different from all the other Jedi: She did her homework and read the ancient Jedi texts.

Perhaps the secret to Force healing lies in those books, which Rey grabbed from Luke's hermitage in The Last Jedi. We know she used the books to help the Resistance find Exegol, so there's some precedent for this theory already.

Of course, Rey isn't the only one who Force heals in The Rise of Skywalker. Kylo does as well, but there's an equally simple reason for that as well. Kylo and Rey's Force dyad mean they share a unique connection, why can't that connection include sharing knowledge of the Force?

Kylo Force heals Rey


This theory is especially interesting due to the way literacy is approached in the Star Wars universe. Most communication is done via hologram, and there really weren't any books on screen until these ancient texts. It establishes a foundational text for the Jedi in a society where oral tradition reigns. Why not include a Force ability lost to time in these books?

Luke reveals just before Yoda burns down the Jedi library he didn't read all the books, so that explains why Luke doesn't use the power. However, Yoda quips "Page-turners, they were not," implying he read them. Would he be one to keep this power secret, or did he not read them either?

Yoda cracks wise.


Which brings us to the tiny, adorable wrench in this theory. Two days before the release of The Rise of Skywalker, Episode 7 of The Mandalorian premiered. In that episode, Baby Yoda Force heals Greef Karga. For 48 hours that was the only onscreen example of Force healing, but it completely goes against the theory.

Baby Yoda comes to Greef Karga's aid.


How could a child who cannot even talk know a power that is only available in dusty ancient texts? Either there's another explanation, or Baby Yoda is far more powerful than we could have imagined. Regardless, there's more to be told about the ancient origins of Force healing.

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