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She-Hulk Episode 4 ending explained: What is Titania’s final plan?

After an episode devoted to magic, hell, and online dating, She-Hulk Episode 4 ends with a major cliffhanger.

Other superheroes fight supervillains. But She-Hulk’s greatest enemy is... trademark infringement? In the final moments of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 4, the superpowered influencer played by Jameela Jamil reveals her evil plan. What does this mean for Titania, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), and the rest of She-Hulk’s story? Let’s dive in.

Warning! Spoilers for the ending of She-Hulk Episode 4 ahead.

She-Hulk Episode 4 ending explained

After an episode devoted to magic, hell, and online dating, She-Hulk Episode 4 ends with a major cliffhanger. A process server shows up at Jennifer’s home with some unfortunate legal documents. As a lawyer herself, she sees right through his disguise, but that doesn’t make the lawsuit any less real. Turns out, Titania managed to trademark the term “She-Hulk” before Walters and is now suing the superhero.

Jameela Jamil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.


We don’t get much resolution on this before She-Hulk Episode 4 cuts to an unrelated post-credits stinger. But it does raise some interesting questions.

First of all, does every superhero need to trademark their name? And how does that work if you’re using a secret identity? Maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe really does need a legal team devoted to superhero cases.

More importantly, we have to wonder how this will play out for She-Hulk and Titania. Jennifer Walters isn’t a fan of the moniker herself, but she’s likely stuck with it for real-world branding reasons. The most likely scenario is that Titania will hand over the trademark, either after losing a fight or in exchange for a nice settlement fee. (Alternatively, the MCU could establish some new in-universe laws that give every superhero automatic rights to their own name.)

But beyond this lawsuit, what’s the endgame of Titania?

She-Hulk vs. Titania

Titania has become one of She-Hulk’s primary antagonists.


Originally created by Dr. Doom during the original Secret Wars crossover event, Titania is one of the Marvel Universe’s strongest supervillains. She’s appeared in multiple comic book stories over the decades but often faces off against She-Hulk. There’s no clear comic blueprint for what’s happening in She-Hulk the show, but based on the broader context of the MCU right now we can make a good guess.

In a 2004 She-Hulk comic, Titania gets her hands on the Power Gem (aka, one of the MCU’s Infinity Stones) and uses it to finally defeat She-Hulk in battle. However, She-Hulk manages to trick her nemesis soon afterward and grabs the gem, using it to knock out Titania in a single punch.

Titania is then shrunk down and incarcerated in the Pym Experimental Prison #2, but she escapes and joins a team that fights the Fantastic Four on Saturn's moon. After that, she’s returned to jail but eventually escapes, and so it continues.

Titania vs. the Thing.


This may all sound like comic book nonsense, but it’s easy enough to see a throughline in the current MCU. We know the Infinity Stones still exist somewhere in the multiverse, and we know we’re due for another Ant-Man movie very soon. Most importantly, we know the Fantastic Four are set to join the MCU in a few short years.

It seems like Titania could play a major role in the next few years of Marvel movies. But first, we’ll have to see if she can hold her own in court against She-Hulk.

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