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Everything we know about Netflix's rumored Resident Evil gorefest

After The Witcher, Netflix is looking to games as inspiration for its next big show.

After Netflix’s success with The Witcher, eyes are now turning to more games as potential source material. According to a Deadline report from back in January 2019, an adaptation of the zombie-horror Resident Evil series has been in development at the streaming giant. While we haven't heard much about the show since – no official announcements have been made and many details are still unconfirmed – we're starting to get a better idea of what a Netflix take on Resident Evil might look like, thanks to alleged leaked production info obtained by Witcher fan site Redanian Intelligence.

When is Resident Evil’s Netflix release date?

Netflix has yet to officially announce that the series is happening, so there's no official release date at this point. The leak posits a timeline starting with pre-production in April, beginning shooting in June, and wrapping up by October. This trajectory, accounting for the post-production necessary for a video game adaptation, would likely mean an early 2021 release. However, following The Witcher’s success, this show may be fast-tracked for a late 2020 debut.

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How many episodes are in Resident Evil Season 1?

According to Redanian Intelligence, the Resident Evil Netflix show will consist of eight 60-minute episodes. This will be a departure from the feature-length films based on the franchise we’ve seen before, the brainchild of German film studio Constantin Films and Paul W. S. Anderson, who served as writer, director, and producer over the course of the six-film series.

Who makes up the cast and crew of Resident Evil on Netflix?

No names are attached yet, save Constantin Film, the studio behind the feature-length Resident Evil movies. It will not be the German studio's first foray into television; it was also involved with Shadowhunters, the Freeform adaptation of the fantasy novels by Cassandra Clare.

Don't expect Paul W. S. Anderson to return to the franchise, however. He previously told Inverse: "I feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do with Resident Evil, so I’m excited to move on and do something else." That something else? Monster Hunter, another video game film adaptation produced by Constantin.

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What's the plot of Resident Evil?

A year ago, when the details of the project were reported by Deadline, the plot synopsis said the series "will explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus."

That's essentially the plot of every Resident Evil game and movie, so that doesn't really tell us too much. The movies feature numerous characters from the games, like heroes Jill Valentine, Claire and Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong. It's not clear if the Netflix show will revisit or recast these characters, or if the show will hone in on a wholly new aspect of the RE universe.

Instead, it seems from the Deadline description that the show will take a deep dive into antagonists, so we'll presumably learn more about the mad scientists at Umbrella, like Albert Wexler and William Birkin.

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Is there a trailer for Netflix's Resident Evil?

Given the rumored shooting timeline, a trailer probably won't be on the horizon until shooting wraps up in October. It's the perfect time of year for such a spooky show, and also happens to fall right around the timing of New York Comic Con, typically the second weekend of the month.

It may seem a long time to wait, but there's at least some hope of more information: a shooting schedule means an official announcement from Netflix is sure to come shortly, and hopefully with it some official plot information or big creative names attached.

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