Marvel leak may reveal how 1 Mutant solves a huge MCU/X-Men plothole

Will Marvel’s first X-Men movie star Moira... or Moira X?

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How will the X-Men change the MCU? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has faced existential threats before, but the introduction of Mutants could rewrite the genetic structure of the world’s favorite movie franchise. Recent leaks suggest the first Mutants could show up in the MCU before the end of 2021, and a closer look at one of these rumors may reveal a radical way Marvel can transform its cinematic universe while also answering our biggest question about the mutant superhero team.

Warning! Possible spoilers for the MCU and X-Men ahead.

According to a leak from Twitter user @mainmiddleman (who previously spoiled a major plot point from WandaVision), Marvel’s first X-Men movie (allegedly titled Mutants) will focus on Professor Charles Xavier and Doctor Moira MacTaggert. This makes sense since Professor X created the X-Men and Moira has also been heavily involved in that story. The two characters are also often romantically involved, which could be a major plot point of this rumored MCU film.

However, recent developments in the X-Men comic books could reveal that Moira’s involvement in Mutants is even more important than we think...

Moira X and the X-Men

Moira’s many lives with the X-Men.

Marvel Comics

In 2019, the X-Men comic events House of X and Powers of X told an overlapping story that dramatically changed the character of Moira MacTaggert. It turns out that Moira is actually a mutant (Moira X) with a very unique ability: the power of reincarnation. Every time she dies, she’s reborn in the same body at the same time of her original birth — but with all her previous memories intact.

Moira X is experiencing her 10th (and potentially final) life. In each lifetime, she tries to change the future, but it always turns out poorly for mutant-kind. And throughout each attempt, she’s become more radicalized, gradually shifting from trying to work with Xavier to training herself as an assassin to siding with Magneto instead.

It’s a fascinating take on a familiar X-Men character, told primarily in House of X #2: "The Uncanny Life of Moira X," but could it actually translate onto the big screen in a Marvel movie? And if so, how would that help explain the existence of Mutants in the MCU?

How Moira X fixes the MCU’s biggest problem

Moira X meets Professor X.

Marvel Comics

The trickiest part of introducing the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that you have to answer one simple question: Where have Mutants been this whole time? Unless Marvel plans to have the first X-genes activate now (or reveal that a small handful of famous characters have been in hiding), it doesn’t exactly make sense if all of a sudden the MCU is full of Mutants.

But what if one particular Mutant has been using her extraordinary powers to keep the entire thing a secret? In House of X, we learn that Moira X used her abilities to repeatedly nudge Magneto towards building a safe haven for Mutants. She even gave Professor X the idea to start the X-Men by showing him a memory from one of her past lives of him creating the X-Men (pretty trippy, right?).

So maybe (just maybe) Moira has also been using those same abilities to help cover up the X-Men in the MCU. She could have already lived out multiple lifetimes while subtly manipulating the Avengers and the rest of the world into keeping Mutants a secret.

It’s a wild idea, but with the MCU already messing around with far-out concepts like time travel and the multiverse, it doesn’t seem that out of place. Plus, considering that X-Men fans have already seen Moira onscreen before, it would be pretty cool if Marvel decided to step things up by introducing us to Moira X instead.

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