Star Wars theory reveals a mind-blowing Mandalorian Season 3 cameo

Could one Andor character make the jump to the Mando-verse?

The Mandalorian became an instant classic in 2019 for two reasons: it was a visual spectacle, and it told an incredibly simple story. There wasn’t a single lightsaber to be found, just a bounty hunter trying to navigate the universe and taking care of a child in need of a mentor.

But as we approach The Mandalorian Season 3, it looks like the scope of Din Djarin’s life is about to change. Gone are the days of little mission-a-week episodes. Now, he’s the wielder of the Darksaber and leader of all the Mandalorians. That comes with responsibility — and the opportunity for a big Andor cameo.

Redditor u/freebradical suggests we’ll see an older version of Mon Mothma in The Mandalorian. Mon Mothma does in fact take over Palpatine’s vacant spot as Chancellor in the New Republic (although in Legends the position was known as Chief of State.) So technically, while Mando has been cruising the outskirts of the galaxy, the best senator in Andor has been governing from the capital.

There’s an obvious reason why we haven’t seen Mon Mothma so far in The Mandalorian. After all, the universe is big, and a squabble between a Moff languishing in the remains of the Empire and a small-time bounty hunter doesn’t warrant outside interference. In fact, any gov’t officials we have seen have been local or municipal — like Greef Karga or Cobb Vanth — or the New Republic equivalent or highway patrol.

Greef Karga, Magistrate of Nevarro, in The Mandalorian.


But now, Din Djarin has a reputation. With the Darksaber, he rightfully can — and, if the teaser trailer is anything to go by, will — lead the Mandalorians. The weapon also puts a massive target on his back. Mandalorian royal family member Bo-Katan Kryze believes the Darksaber is her birthright and will do whatever she can to reclaim it. The New Republic may also take notice if a battle for control of the planet and its people breaks out.

No matter what happens in The Mandalorian Season 3, it’s probably going to get back to the leaders of the New Republic.

Now that Andor has brought Mon Mothma to Disney+, could The Mandalorian be next?


Now that we have a renewed familiarity with Mon Mothma thanks to Andor, she could appear in The Mandalorian without too much fuss. She’ll have to appear a couple of years older than she looks in Rogue One and Andor, but that’s no problem for the show that took decades off Mark Hamill for the Season 2 finale. (Although maybe this time Lucasfilm can accomplish it with practical effects, not freaky CGI.)

As The Mandalorian gets bigger, it’s losing that small-town charm. But it’s more than making up for it with the part of Star Wars that made fans fall in love with it from the start: giant space epics. Mon Mothma was present at the start of the franchise, and bringing her into the Mando-verse can only be a good thing.

The Mandalorian Season 3 premieres February 2023.

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