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The Mandalorian Season 3 leak could reveal the show's return date

Here's when the Star Wars show will (probably) return.

Nerd Rant

Mandalorian Season 3 can finally fix the show's most annoying habit

Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian' confirmed one of the worst trends in TV and film. Season 3 can fix it once and for all.

Lost Legends

Mandalorian Season 3 could explain the trippiest part of Empire Strikes Back

A non-canon novel could reveal Grogu's next chapter.

Baba Yoda Central

Baby Yoda Central

Inverse's guide to all things Grogu

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Mandalorian Season 3 could fix a massive Star Wars plot hole

Time for some confessions!

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A hilarious Mandalorian meme reveals Mando's biggest obstacle in Season 3

The Simpsons already did it...

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Mandalorian Season 3 theory solves the most annoying question about Luke

There's a very simple possibility as to why we might not see much more of Luke...


Mandalorian Season 3 theory reveals Grogu's prequel-era savior

Could this Jedi have been Grogu's mysterious rescuer?

King Mando

Mandalorian Season 3 theory: Din Djarin is the Jar Jar of the sequels

What happened to Mandalore before The Force Awakens?

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The Mandalorian video game rumors, speculation, and reality

Fans are hungry for a video game based on Disney's hit Star Wars series.


Ahsoka: Why the Star Wars spinoff could change sci-fi time travel forever

If Ahsoka acknowledges its time travel roots, here's what should happen next.

A Powerful Padawan

Qui-Gon Easter egg in the Mandalorian finale spells doom for Baby Yoda

Will Grogu suffer the consequences of Luke's mistakes?