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Mandalorian Season 4 Needs to Bring Back Star Wars’ Most Misused Villain

Let's dive back into the cloning pool.


Sophie Thatcher and Pedro Pascal Had Plans to Reunite in Sequel to Cult Sci-Fi Hit

The underrated sci-fi movie starring Thatcher and Pedro Pascal almost got a TV spinoff. Could it still happen?


43 Years Later, Star Wars Finally Explains a Glaring Canon Mistake

See you next Taungsday.

Star Wars

'Mandalorian' Season 4 Delay Suggests It's Learning From Season 3's Mistakes

The writers’ strike may actually be good news for the tentpole series.


Star Wars Is About to Introduce a Creature Even Cuter Than Baby Yoda

Shove over, Grogu.

Star Wars

Star Wars TV Is Returning to What Made 'The Mandalorian' Great

A star of the upcoming series reveals his character is extraordinary purely because of how ordinary he is.

Star Wars

'Mandalorian' Deleted Scene Fixes Season 3's Most Pointless Plotline

A cut moment could have paid off a three-season story that never got its due.


Star Wars Just Set Up the Live-Action Debut of a Surprising Jedi

Begun, the crossovers have.


Canceled Star Wars Movie Could Have Fixed Baby Yoda, Report Suggests

Who can say where Grogu goes? Only time.


Dave Filoni Just Confirmed that Star Wars Is Becoming Marvel

Star Wars has always been similar to the MCU, but now they’re almost mirror images.

Star Wars

'The Mandalorian' Season 4 Should Ditch Its Least Interesting Storyline

Sometimes, the best thing a show can do is narrow its focus.


Four Days Inside the Infinite Church of Star Wars: "I found my people"

“It is in that way like religion: You’re brought into it.”

Star Wars

Baby Yoda Theory Undoes 'Mandalorian' Season 3's Biggest Tragedy

Grogu has been good and deserves a treat.

Star Wars

Temuera Morrison Just Exposed the Biggest Problem With 'The Mandalorian' Season 3

How many times can one Mandalorian steal the show?

Star Wars

'Mandalorian' Season 3 Finale's Best Baby Yoda Scene Hides a Heartbreaking Easter Egg

Grogu echoed another Jedi’s heroic sacrifice.

Star Wars

'Ahsoka' Runtime Reveal Fixes a 'Mandalorian' Season 3 Problem

Dave Filoni recently revealed how his upcoming Mandalorian spinoff will differ from its source material.