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Mandalorian Season 3 leaks could solve Season 2's biggest mystery

Din’s a leader, but he needs followers.

The Mandalorian Season 2, thankfully, answered more questions than it asked. We learned Baby Yoda’s real name — Grogu — and met Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze in live-action. Audiences even caught a glimpse of Luke Skywalker.

But many questions remain, and the biggest of these has loomed above the plot since the beginning: What happened to Mandalore? Thankfully, a new leak from the Mandalorian Season 3 set suggests we’ll get an answer sooner rather than later. Here’s what we know.

A mystery Mandalorian has been spotted on the Mandalorian Season 3 set, according to a leak released by the Bespin Bulletin. The images from the set show an unfamiliar set of Mandalorian armor. Unfortunately, the identity of the actor wearing them is still unknown, but the prospect of an as-yet unknown Mandalorian character has huge implications for the new season.

Mandalorian characters have been few and far between so far.


At the end of Season 2, Din Djarin became the rightful bearer of the Darksaber, also meaning he was revealed as the leader of the Mandalorians. However, the Mandalorian people, both of blood and of creed, are scattered throughout the galaxy, and Migs Mayfeld hinted at the entire planet being “turned into glass.”

The recent set leak also includes pictures of this mystery Mandalorian on an ice planet. Maybe the “turned to glass” comment is more metaphorical than we first thought, and the ice planet featured in the leaks is Mandalore itself, now a barren, icy wasteland. That would mean not only might Din visit the planet of his people, but he could confront some native Mandalorians who, like Bo-Katan, may not be totally on board with a Foundling wielding the Darksaber.

Everything’s changed now that Din wields the Darksaber.


So who could this mystery Mandalorian be? The armor doesn’t look similar to any character we’ve seen on screen, but previous leaks have suggested Lucasfilm was casting 75 Mandalorians. This leak only further proves that, without Grogu, Din Djarin will be focusing more on his Mandalorian identity and what it means to be the bearer of the Darksaber.

Though there’s not much that can be gleaned from the set leaks in terms of specific plot points, a new Mandalorian is a hugely exciting prospect for the series’ future. After two seasons of Din being more or less a loner, he’ll have to coexist with all sorts of other Mandalorians, and there’s no telling how he’ll handle that responsibility.

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.

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