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12 Jedi Baby Yoda could meet on Tython, ranked from least to most likely

From the wild cards to the Filoni favorites.

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This season of The Mandalorian has seen Mando on a roundabout search for a Jedi to train Baby Yoda. That search seemed to be at an end in Chapter 13, when the pair encounter former Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Anakin Skywalker's former apprentice declines to train Baby Yoda herself — though she does reveal the green tot's true name, Grogu.

As a last resort, Ahsoka instructs Mando to visit the ancient Jedi planet of Tython, where Grogu can send a signal to Force users throughout the galaxy. Below, we've ranked the 12 possible characters who could answer The Child's call, from least to most likely.

12. Mara Jade

Mara Jade around the time of 'The Mandalorian'

Del Rey Books

Mara Jade is the icon of Star Wars Legends. Her journey from Empire assassin to Jedi master (and Luke's wife) spanned numerous novels and comics between the original trilogy and prequel series. She's decidedly non-canon, but that may not be a dealbreaker for a future Mandalorian appearance. Mara Jade was a creation of Timothy Zahn, whose other fan-favorite creation, Thrawn, was reintroduced into canon in Rebels and even got a name drop in Mandalorian Chapter 13. It's a one-in-a-million chance, but it's still a chance.

11. An unknown Jedi

The Jedi Council


As Star Wars leans into the Disney/Marvel model of constant crossovers, it can be difficult to remember that original characters are still an option. A random Jedi could roll up to Tython and introduce themselves as someone like Grogu — a youngling hidden away during Order 66, but now all grown up and ready and able to train Grogu in the ways of the Force. However, with Dave Filoni helming the creative side of Mandalorian lore, there's no obscure character from Clone Wars or Legends he won't bring back to canon. An original character in this role may be a wasted opportunity.

10. An unknown Yoda

Grogu may be trained by one of his own kind.


Another member of the green species that gave the galaxy Yoda, Yaddle, and now Grogu may have the answers we're looking for. A fourth Yoda-esque being would share Grogu's long lifespan and be able to relate to him in his unique situation as a Jedi youngling. Adding another puppet/animatronic character from an original design may prove too much trouble, however.

9. Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn in an FMV segment of 'Jedi Knights: Dark Forces II'


Sure, The Mandalorian could feasibly bring back characters from previous animated series, but what about video games? Kyle Katarn was the protagonist of the Jedi Knight series as well as several books. While he's firmly part of Legends, there's no saying he can't be brought back into canon and hear the call of Grogu on Tython. His storyline includes both training experience as Mara Jade's mentor as well as a fall to the dark side, which could be interesting perspective for a Force newbie like Mando.

8. Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis in 'Jedi: Fallen Order'

Respawn Entertainment / Entertainment Arts

This video game protagonist is a bit more likely — his appearance in Jedi: Fallen Order is more recent and officially part of the post-Disney canon. Cal Kestis was a Padawan forced into hiding by the rise of the Empire, but later joined with other Jedi and became a Knight in his own right. Crucially, his journey involved destroying a holocron of names of Force-sensitive children in hiding. Depending on how you define "children," Grogu's name could have been on this list, tying them together in yet another way.

Plus, Cal Kestis already has an actor attached — Shameless star Cameron Monaghan is a bit younger than Cal would be at the time of The Mandalorian, but that's no match for the VFX mastery shown throughout the series so far.

7. Din Djarin

Will Mando himself come to Grogu's aid?


It seems almost impossible, but give it some thought. What if Mando himself hears the call and helps out his adopted son? He has next to no knowledge of the Force due to his restricted upbringing in the Children of the Watch, so he could be Force sensitive and not know it, allowing him to train as a Jedi alongside Grogu. This remains a great Plan B if for whatever reason no Jedi answers the call.

Even if Mando isn't Force sensitive, there's a possibility he could still train Grogu by using materials found on Tython. It's an ancient Jedi planet, there could very well be a training manual of some sort he could use. It's a stretch, but it could be a way to train Grogu without disturbing the dynamic between the show's two stars.

6. Yaddle

Yaddle on the Jedi Council.


Now that we know more about Grogu's backstory, Yaddle is perhaps the most mysterious member of "Yoda's species," which still doesn't have an official in-canon name. Not much is known about this briefly seen prequels figure, but she sat on the Jedi Council only a handful of years after Grogu's birth. It's also unknown if she survived Order 66, so she very well could still be kicking around in hiding somewhere, as she's a good deal younger than the late Yoda.

Her answering the call would also give answers to one of the oldest Baby Yoda theories: Is Grogu the child of Yoda and Yaddle? It seems too coincidental to not be true, but we still don't have a firm answer. A Yaddle appearance could clear the air on this once and for all.

5. Mace Windu

Mace Windu facing off against Palpatine


Mace Windu is one of the most loved prequel characters, but his final confrontation with Palpatine ended with him dismembered and thrown out a window in Coruscant. That may not be the end of the story, however. Mace Windu's survival has long been a point of contention, and both Samuel L. Jackson and George Lucas have stated he's alive.

If he did survive the fall, he would still be short one arm, so his plan B in trying to keep the Jedi alive in the face of an incoming coup would be to save a youngling, one who will live as long as possible. He could have saved Grogu's life, and may come back later to mentor him. Considering Sam Jackson's got a long history with Disney franchises, it could happen.

4. Quinlan Vos

Quinlan Vos in 'The Clone Wars'


Quinlan Vos has a complicated history with the Force. He was a Jedi Master, but fell under the influence of the Force and became an apprentice of Count Dooku, but came back around to the Jedi way in time. He's an interesting pick for a Mandalorian appearance because like Grogu, he has a great attachment to a non-Jedi — he fell in love with Asajj Ventress, who seduced him to the Dark Side but later sacrificed herself to spare him.

Training Grogu would be an excellent way for Quinlan, who carries a lot of guilt surrounding his turn, to redeem himself with the Jedi by training who very well could be the future of the Order as a whole.

3. Yoda (as a Force Ghost)

Force Ghost Yoda with Obi-Wan Kenobi and the original Anakin Skywalker.


Yoda is dead during the time of The Mandalorian. There's no escaping that. However, Yoda has appeared as a Force ghost in both the original and sequel trilogies, so there's a possibility he may do the same for Grogu. Since Yoda and Grogu are the same species, they may hold a special connection allowing Yoda to answer the call from Tython from beyond the grave.

Yoda's past appearances are also a knock against this theory. After the sequel trilogy used wisdom from a ghost Yoda to move forward the future of the Jedi, it's likely that trick may seem too overdone in favor of one of the many other options.

2. Luke Skywalker

Luke in 'Return of the Jedi'


When it comes to Jedi training in the years after the fall of the Empire, the first name that comes to mind is Luke Skywalker. We know training is in his future, so it'd be interesting to see his beginnings if he decides to train Grogu. This choice would bring Luke's story completely full circle, going from being trained by Yoda to training a padawan of the same species.

The biggest knock against this theory is a practical one. Mark Hamill is a good deal older than Luke would be in the years after Return of the Jedi. De-aging through CGI is possible, but could be distracting. There's always the idea that Sebastian Stan could take over the role considering how the two Disney franchise actors bear a remarkable resemblance to each other, but it's a longshot.

1. Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger in 'Rebels.'


In the days after The Mandalorian Chapter 13 premiered on Disney+, Star Wars fans got "Ezra" trending on Twitter due to the speculation swirling around the Rebels protagonist. Now would be the perfect time to introduce Ezra to The Mandalorian, as Ahsoka's appearance confirmed she's seeking Thrawn, which probably means she's still on the hunt for Ezra as well. It would also replicate an existing pattern in Dave Filoni's shows — just as Ahsoka, the protagonist of The Clone Wars, mentored Ezra, the protagonist of Rebels, it only makes sense he would train someone in the next Filoni show.

Furor over Ezra Bridger erupted earlier this year when The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Rahul Kohli tweeted about taking on the role. This turned out to be a troll, but it proves how warmly an Ezra appearance in The Mandalorian would be embraced by the fans.

The Mandalorian Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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