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The Mandalorian is about to reveal a Baby Yoda-Darth Vader connection

Everything you need to know about the ancient Jedi planet that Mando and Baby Yoda are headed to next.

The Mandalorian just gave us everything we wanted and more. After months of rumors, Rosario Dawson finally brought Ahsoka to live-action. We learned Baby Yoda's name after more than a year of referring to him as "Baby Yoda," and Season 2 Episode 5 finally had some light shed on his murky past.

However, that may only be the beginning of the history we'll learn this season, as Ahsoka Tano ends The Mandalorian Chapter 13 by sending Mando and Grogu to the planet of Tython. This planet may not have appeared much in Star Wars past, but it does contain the most intriguing part of Jedi lore.

Tython played a major role in the Star Wars Extended Universe, but it's been reinvented slightly for the modern Star Wars canon. First mentioned in The Force Awakens roleplaying game, Tython was said to be located in the Deep Core and contained one of the first Jedi temples. This history was fleshed out more in issues 38 and 40 of the Doctor Aphra comics, which saw archaeologist-turned-adventurer Chelli Aphra feed Darth Vader false information that a Rebel base was based on Tython, allowing the actual Rebels on Hoth some more time.

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The ice planet of Tython in 'Doctor Aphra' #40

Marvel Comics

Doctor Aphra didn't choose this planet at random. Her father, a so-called "Jedi obsessive" spent years looking for Tython because it was said to hold a Jedi confessional made of solid kyberite known as the Martyrium of Frozen Tears. Aphra used this confessional, full of secrets and sins from centuries of Jedi, to keep Darth Vader's powers at bay while she confronted him.

So Tython appearing in The Mandalorian opens up a whole new area of Jedi culture not yet seen on screen. In ancient times, the Jedi were very much a religious order before anything else, and like most religions, they had a protocol in place for repentance. While Ahsoka did not mention the Martyrium specifically, only telling Mando to place Baby Yoda on a "seeing stone," any Force-sensitive being will likely sense the immense emotional weight on the planet.

Doctor Aphra explains the confessional in 'Doctor Aphra' #40

Marvel Comics

Baby Yoda and Anakin have often been compared to each other (they were even born in the same year) and a trip to Tython would mean they share even more. Could he possibly sense Vader was there with Doctor Aphra years earlier? Next to a pillar of solid kyberite, there's no telling what could happen to Grogu's Force powers.

The Mandalorian's Clan of Two will be visiting Tython in order to send a signal to Jedi all across the galaxy, so it's possible we may never see the Martyium. But the Doctor Aphra comics make it seem like a place so strong in the Force it's difficult to avoid hearing the whispers of those who came before, even if, like Grogu, you've been hiding your powers for decades.

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