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New Loki poster fuels a huge theory about the Time Keepers

What's the deal with the Time Keepers?

In a show full of mysteries, nothing is more mysterious than the Time Keepers. The creators and leaders of the Time Variance Authority have yet to appear in Loki, though their faces are displayed throughout TVA headquarters.

This bizarre absence has sparked plenty of theories about the Time Keepers and their true identity. Do they exist at all? Are they Kang the Conqueror in disguise? Is Miss Minutes secretly running the show? Now, a new Loki poster depicting these “space lizards” could confirm our suspicions.

What happened — At 10 a.m. Eastern on June 29, Marvel shared a new character poster for Loki depicting the Time Keepers. What’s unusual about this one, however, is that we’re not actually seeing these characters in the flesh. Instead, the poster shows a version of the statues displayed at the TVA.

Here’s the full Loki Time Keepers poster:

Are the Time Keepers real?


The theory — Typically, Disney+ releases new character posters for its Marvel and Star Wars shows as those characters are introduced. At least, that’s how it worked on The Mandalorian, WandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This is a fun way to hype up each series without spoiling any surprises.

So why would Marvel reveal the Time Keepers poster before we actually meet the Time Keepers? And why now, right before Episode 4?

The answer seems obvious: We’re about to find out that the Time Keepers aren’t who they claim to be. Ahead of Loki Episode 4, Marvel is trying to trick fans into believing the TVA’s creators exist, but once we learn the truth, we’ll probably need a new character poster entirely.

The Time Keepers... according to Miss Minutes.


This makes even more sense when you remember what Loki learned in Episode 3. According to Sylvie, the TVA agents weren’t created by the Time Keepers either. Rather, they’re all variants that were arrested by the TVA and then forced into employment with their memories erased.

With this new knowledge, it won’t be long before Loki takes down the TVA and reveals who’s really in charge.

The Inverse analysis — It was only a matter of time before Loki pulled back the curtain on the Time Keepers and the TVA in general. Episode 3 gave us a taste of the truth, but based on this new poster, we could learn a whole lot more very soon.

The only question is: If the Time Keepers are exposed in Episode 4, how can Loki possibly top that twist in Episodes 5 and 6?

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