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Loki Season 2 theory reveals a huge plot hole you might have missed

... or a major change to the series.

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Throughout Loki, one thing is extremely clear. The Time Variance Authority isn’t just obsessed with our Loki (Tom Hiddleston), it’s obsessed with Loki in all his (and her) variations. Mobius even states that he’s arrested more Lokis than any other type of variant.

So when Mobius doesn’t recognize Loki and the end of Season 1, it comes as a shock. But there’s an even bigger twist hidden in the scene that you probably didn’t notice, and it could mean huge changes coming to the show in Season 2 — or an even huger plot hole.

Let’s back up a bit. Loki Episode 6 focuses on the confrontation between Loki/Sylvie and He Who Remains (a Kang the Conqueror variant who created the TVA to stop a multiversal war). Ultimately, Sylvie kills HWR, plunging and dagger through his chest and his sacred timeline into chaos.

Meanwhile, Loki winds up back at the TVA only to discover that something is very wrong. The timeline is in shambles and when he tries to explain what happened to Mobius, he’s met with a blank stare. No one at the TVA recognizes him at all.

Loki explains this by cutting to a shot of a giant Kang statue standing where the Time Keepers once were. This implication here is that the timeline has already changed so dramatically that Loki is in a completely different TVA than the one we’ve seen throughout the show. But there’s a major flaw in this logic, which was shared on Reddit’s Fan Theories hub by redditor u/drewgarr.

Mobius and Loki in happier times.


Even if Mobius doesn’t have those memories of working with Loki, it’s still freaking Loki. Not only is he a space god who famously tried to conquer Earth, but as the show established in an earlier episode, he’s also one of the most common variants around.

“What makes this scene so significant isn’t that he didn’t recognize Loki as his friend or person he worked with,” u/drewgarr, “but the fact he didn’t recognize him as Loki, brother of Thor, god of mischief.”

Again, there are two possible answers to this question. Either the writers of Loki overlooked a huge plot hole, or it’s proof that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already changed way more than you might think.

It’s one thing for a couple of statues to look a little different, but if Loki is no longer famous, that means the entire history of the MCU could look very different moving forward. Maybe in this timeline, Loki never led an invasion of New York?

The season finale dropped other clues that it could represent a major shift in this cinematic universe, but this one little detail might be the strongest evidence yet. Or, you know, just a dumb plot hole.

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