The Last of Us Episode 7 Release Date, Start Time, Trailer, and Plot for HBO's Apocalypse Thriller

It’s Ellie’s time to shine.

The next stop for The Last of Us central duo should be Salt Lake City. However, plans have suddenly derailed for Joel and Ellie. Along with watching how the major obstacles of the present unfold, fans will be treated to more flashbacks in Episode 7 of The Last of Us.

Following the dramatic ending of Episode 6, Ellie finds herself with more responsibility than perhaps she’s ready for. But first: how did she get here? Joel’s backstory has been on full display since the first episode of The Last of Us. Now, it’s time to spotlight the mysteries of Ellie’s background, including her days in the FEDRA academy, the events that led to her discovered immunity, and her relationship with Riley, a character fans of the video game will instantly recognize from the Left Behind expansion.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Last of Us Episode 7, including its release date, premiere time, plot, trailer, and more.

When is the release date for The Last of Us Episode 7?

Episode 7 of The Last of Us lands on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

What is the release time for The Last of Us Episode 7?

Ellie in her bedroom at the FEDRA school.


The Last of Us airs at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO and HBO Max each week on Sunday.

How many episodes are left in The Last of Us?

The Last of Us Season 1 features a total of nine episodes, which means after this week’s installment, only two episodes remain in the season.

What is the plot of The Last of Us Episode 7?

Ellie and Riley inside the abandoned mall.


Episode 7 of The Last of Us, titled “Left Behind,” will detail Ellie’s life before she met Joel. It will chronicle her time in the FEDRA military school, as well as the night she and her friend Riley sneak into an abandoned mall for an evening of fun that quickly descends into terror.

The runtime for this episode is slated to be 56 minutes long.

Who is in the cast for The Last of Us?

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal star as Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us. The show’s central duo is supported by an impressive roster that features Storm Reid as Riley, Merle Dandridge as Marlene, Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Graham Greene as Marlon, Elain Miles as Florence, Rutina Wesley as Maria, Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen, Lamar Johnson as Henry, Keivonn Woodard as Sam, Jeffery Pierce as Perry, Nick Offerman as Bill, Murray Bartlett as Frank, Anna Torv as Tess, and Nico Parker as Sarah.

Ashley Johnson, the original video game actor for Ellie, is also set to appear in this week’s episode as Anna Williams, Ellie’s mother.

Is there a trailer for The Last of Us Episode 7?

Yes, HBO released a preview for The Last of Us Episode 7, and it provides a sneak peek into Ellie’s past. The promo shows Ellie having a tough time at the FEDRA academy and getting into trouble for fighting. Her friend, Riley, visits her after having disappeared from school and brings Ellie to an empty mall for a fun adventure. The pair appear to have an argument, but their disagreements must be put on pause as they come face to face with some Infected.

What happened in The Last of Us Episode 6?

Tommy and Joel reunite.


Episode 6 of The Last of Us, titled “Kin,” picks up three months after Joel and Ellie departed Kansas City. Now in the depths of winter, Ellie and Joel have been trekking across the Midwest toward Wyoming in search of Joel’s younger brother, Tommy. With only a paper map to guide them through the wilderness, they must solicit some help.

With Ellie hiding upstairs, Joel threatens an old, isolated local couple for directions. The charming couple, however, are unfazed and feed them soup. They confirm their location on the map (inside Yellowstone National Park), as well as warn Joel of the dangers that lie to the west across the river. Namely, a group of people who will murder Infected and survivors in equal measure. Nonetheless, that is where Ellie and Joel are headed. On the way back out, Joel appears to suffer some kind of panic attack that leaves him briefly immobile. He insists it’s just the effects of the cold air.

Making a campfire for the night, Ellie and Joel discuss their hopes and dreams for the future in the scenario that Ellie’s blood saves the world. Joel says he’d own a sheep ranch. Ellie wants to become an astronaut, like Sally Ride. Back on the road, after passing by a working hydroelectric dam and crossing a big river, Ellie and Joel are quickly surrounded by a hostile posse of people on horseback. A man tells them that they will be sniffed by a dog that can smell if someone is Infected and will rip them apart if they are. Both Ellie and Joel look terrified as the dog approaches Ellie. Luckily, when Joel turns around, the dog is happily licking a giggling Ellie.

When Joel tells the group that he is looking for his brother, a woman approaches him and asks for his name. After replying, he and Ellie are led on horseback into a gated commune that has a semblance of a normal small town filled with families, working storefronts, and even a giant festive Christmas tree. Riding further down the town’s main street, Joel spots Tommy and yells his name. The two brothers run to each other and share an emotional embrace.

Eating a full meal in a cozy food hall, Joel and Ellie chat with Tommy and the woman who discovered them earlier, Maria. The two, it turns out, are married, to Joel’s surprise. Ellie tells him to say congratulations, which he eventually does, very awkwardly. Tommy and Maria explain that the town of Jackson keeps protected and relatively unknown by strewing bodies of bad guys around its borders — as well, as purposefully keeping off the radio, which Joel is not too happy to hear given that when he lost contact with Tommy, he feared the worst for his brother.

Maria leads Ellie to an empty, but well-maintained house where she can shower. She also leaves her fresh clothes to change into and a menstrual cup. After, Ellie walks across the street to where Maria and Tommy live and sees the names of two people on a plaque above the fireplace. While trimming Ellie’s hair, Maria reveals that one is the name of her son and the other, Sarah, is Joel’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Joel and Tommy are catching up in a bar — and things get tense. Joel isn’t thrilled that Maria’s protective measures meant Tommy cut off radio contact. Joel tells Tommy he wants him to take Ellie to the Fireflies facility, but Tommy tells him that he can’t since Maria is pregnant. Joel is pretty unsupportive and dismissive of his younger brother, likely because of the trauma he suffered with his own child. Tommy says that just because life stopped for Joel, doesn’t mean his life has to stop, too. Joel storms out. Outside, Joel sees a young woman who looks like his daughter from behind, which causes him to have another panic attack.

Later in the evening, Maria brings Ellie to watch a movie with the other kids and families in town. Tommy goes to find Joel in a workshop, where he is trying to repair his shoes. Tommy hands him a new pair and apologizes for his harsh comments earlier. For the first time, we see Joel have an emotional breakdown, confessing to his brother that he is scared all of the time now and fears he can’t protect Ellie. He explains Ellie’s immunity to Tommy and insists that Tommy take her to Colorado, where the Fireflies research facility is since he is younger and more capable. Tommy eventually agrees to take her at dawn. Back in the house, Joel finds that Ellie overheard their conversation. Upset and feeling abandoned once again in her life, Ellie brings up Sarah. Joel is having none of it and leaves the room.

Joel and Ellie head to the Fireflies research facility on horseback.


Ellie has her bags packed in the morning when Tommy comes to get her. He brings her to the stables, where Joel is prepping a horse for travel. He tells Ellie it’s only fair that she chooses who she wants to take her. She quickly chooses Joel and that’s that. The brothers share an emotional goodbye and Tommy tells both of them that they have a place here, should they want it. Joel and Ellie then ride off together, headed toward the University of Eastern Colorado, about a week’s worth of travel.

Arriving a few days ahead of schedule, they find the research lab, but no one is there except for a group of monkeys that escaped from a lab. The building is deserted, but Ellie and Joel find a map that points to Salt Lake City. They decide that is where they will head next. However, before they can leave, they spot a few bandits looking for them. Joel and Ellie sneak out the back and get to their horse, but a man attacks Joel from behind. Joel manages to break the attacker’s neck, but he has also been stabbed. They manage to get away on their horse, with Ellie shooting from the back.

Outside of the university campus, no one seems to be following them anymore. Suddenly, Joel falls off the horse and collapses onto the ground, unconscious and bleeding from his wound. The episode ends with Ellie pleading that Joel opens his eyes and saying she doesn’t know how to survive on her own.

Will there be a The Last of Us Season 2?

Yes, a second season of The Last of Us has been confirmed by HBO and creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. Plus, the original video games, The Last of Us Part I and Part II (and maybe a Part III soon), leave lots of plot left to adapt in the future of the series.

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