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The Irregulars Season 2: release date, trailer, plot spoilers for Netflix’s Sherlock Holmes thriller

Everything we know about Netflix’s unique supernatural show.

Netflix’s The Irregulars takes detective stories, supernatural stories, and teen dramas and combines them all to make an emotional, gripping, and occasionally devastating series. But after a mere eight episodes, what is next for Beatrice, Jessie, and the rest of the gang? Plenty happened in this Sherlock Holmes adjacent thriller, but there’s still more to be explored. Here’s everything we know about a possible next season so far.

Has Netflix renewed The Irregulars for a Season 2?


Unfortunately, this remains to be seen, as the series has just released, but knowing how similar it is to other shows with a similar sci-fi background and demographic like Stranger Things and Dark, The Irregulars feels poised to nab a greenlight and start work on a second season.

We could hear this news in a matter of weeks if the show is a smashing success, or months if the viewership is more of a slow burn. So don’t hold your breath, but don’t expect the worst either.

Is there a trailer for The Irregulars Season 2?


While there isn’t a trailer just yet, if there is a Season 2 of The Irregulars it should release relatively soon before the release date, as the Season 1 teaser released only a month before the release date, and the trailer a mere week before.

While this means a short waiting time between enticing teases and the actual show, it may mean there won’t be much new footage to get excited about for some time.

What happened in The Irregulars Season 1?


The Irregulars begins as a monster-of-the-week mystery hybrid show, but over the course of the season, it morphs into the heartbreaking story of two sisters who must reckon with their past, their fears, and their gifts to save the world — even if it means sacrificing what they love most.

After tracking down the monstrous mysteries to an ominous “Rip,” they team up with none other than John Watson and Sherlock Holmes to find the Rip and close it before it’s too late. Along the way, Jessie and Bea realize Sherlock is actually Jessie’s dad, and their mother was an “Ipsissimus,” someone who can explore a person’s memories just by touching them. Not only that, but Jessie is an Ipsissimus too, and must learn to use her powers — and who to trust because of them.

On the non-magical side of things, Prince Leopold briefly escapes his royal life and falls in with Bea and her gang. The two share a connection, even though Leo hides his true identity and his darkest secret — his hemophilia — from her.

By the end of the season, Jessie, Bea, Sherlock, and Watson find the Rip, and are finally reunited with Bea and Jessie’s mother. However, she has plans to open the Rip entirely, letting loose everything on the other side and abolishing death altogether. Jessie and Bea have to face sacrificing the one thing they had grown up without, but Sherlock can’t take it, and is absorbed by the Rip.

So now, The Irregulars is a Sherlock Holmes show without Sherlock Holmes. It may be up to the rest of the gang to fill in, with the help of Watson.

What will happen in The Irregulars Season 2?


The Irregulars Season 2 would hopefully answer the questions left behind after Season 1. In the finale, Leo revealed to Bea he would be returning to his royal life in exchange for help for their friend Billy, so will he — and could he — return in a second season?

In the last scene, Bea asks Watson how one can stop loving someone when loving them hurts too much. He simply replies “you don’t.” This explains why Sherlock tried to chase after his long-lost love, why Bea won’t be able to get over Leo, and, possibly, why Watson won’t be able to handle Sherlock’s absence.

With Sherlock gone, there’s no way that The Irregulars can be the same kind of show. But it can grow and mature from merely “a Sherlock Holmes show” to a great sci-fi series in its own right.

The Irregulars is now streaming on Netflix.