"Light and Darkness"

'Dark' Season 3 leaked episode titles could confirm some shocking theories

sic Season 3 creatus est.

Dark is far and away the most complex sci-fi show on Netflix. With twists throughout, most involving mind-bending time travel hijinks, its impossible to look away and even harder to understand. However, it all comes to an end in 10 days, when our real-life timeline catches up with where the show left off in Season 2: the apocalypse, coming June 27, 2020.

Lucky for us, a new leak for Dark Season 3 episode titles could shed some (hazy) light on this notorious unpredictable show's final season.

Warning! Major spoilers for Dark Season 1 and 2 (and maybe 3) ahead!

TVTime has possibly leaked the titles for Season 3 of Dark, and while they are still unconfirmed, they do sound similar to the other episode titles. The eight titles — "Deja-vu," "The Survivors," "Adam and Eve," "The Origin," "Life and Death," "Light and Darkness," "In Between," and "Paradise" — aren't much to go by when it comes to plot, but here are some early theories that line up with this latest leak.

Dark Season 3 Episode 1: "Deja-Vu"

This one is probably the most straightforward. At the end of Season 2 we saw Adam kill Martha, who later re-emerged to save Jonas, but this was not the Martha he saw die: this was a Martha from an alternate world. The season premiere will probably establish the alternate "mirror" universe, a reveal that's been foreshadowed from the beginning with Dark's mirror-imaged opening titles.

Dark Season 3 Episode 2: "The Survivors"

At the end of Season 2, we watched the actual apocalypse happen, but we also knew from Jonas's adventures in the future that this was far from the end. This episode will probably cover those who managed to live through the events of June 27, probably centering around everyone's favorite lipstick thief and badass post-apocalyptic matriarch Elizabeth.

Dark Season 3 Episode 3: "Adam and Eve"

Adam is a well-known character, a time-travel veteran, and Jonas's future self. However, Claudia tells Jonas she has "seen a world without" him, implying he doesn't appear in the mirror universe, and therefore neither does Adam. In that case, who is the protagonist of that world, as Jonas is in this? It seems to be Martha, as she wears Jonas's yellow coat in the trailer. This means, instead of Adam, Martha has her own future-self counterpart, hence, Eve. A painting of Adam and Eve is also seen in the trailer.

Adam and Eve in the Dark Season 3 trailer


Dark Season 3 Episode 4: "The Origin"

In a show full of flashbacks and flash-forwards, this episode could be all flashback — in the relative sense. This is Dark, so an episode set in the past could still reveal the origins of Sic Mundus, the time loops, and possibly even the mirror world if we're lucky. This title is vague, but the promise of background info is enticing. Could those three men with the cleft lip have something to do with this creation?

Dark Season 3 Episode 5: "Life and Death"

This one is absolutely the vaguest. In Dark, most situations are life or death, so there's no real storyline that sticks out here. The best guess is probably a character coming to terms with inevitable death like Jonas had to with his own father in Season 2.

Dark Season 3 Episode 6: "Light and Darkness"

This title is exciting purely because the title Dark has also loomed large as a metaphor — the dark caves, Jonas's light sphere — but doesn't have much concrete meaning beyond simply "dark matter." This episode will probably dwell on that imagery, and possibly stoke tensions between characters in the build-up to the series finale.

Jonas and Martha (and a yellow coat)


Dark Season 3 Episode 7: "In Between"

With a show as complex as this, there's bound to be some plot hole clean up, and this episode sounds like Dark's attempt to do just that. What is up with Charlotte's early life? What's the deal with Egon? Why exactly does Wöller have an eyepatch? Hopefully, this one episode is enough to answer all those burning questions. There's also the issue of the characters' very separate selves: could we see a version Jonas between young Jonas and his other selves?

Dark Season 3 Episode 8: "Paradise"

Dark's endgame is by no means going to be simple, but with a title like that, there's a chance at least that it could be happy. With both worlds plunged into post-apocalyptic hellscapes, the most likely option for this titular paradise would be another world, one where those from both worlds can live in harmony (or, whoever survives this grisly show) and, hopefully, the portals can be closed for good.

The Inverse Analysis — Expect more of the same time travel loops and paradoxes that make your brain hurt, but with an ever-increasing dial of peril and finality. Gone are the days when Dark was a simple wormhole story with fun eighties costumes. This time, they have to save the world. Then, they have to save the other world, and then keep the worlds from merging again. Of course, that won't be too tall a task for the sheer number of alter egos and future selves involved in this brilliantly convoluted series.

Dark Season 3 hits Netflix on June 27.

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