7 Years Later, Daredevil’s Biggest Cliffhanger Will Finally Be Addressed

Do you really need a spine to live?


Netflix’s Daredevil is finally influencing the MCU the way it was destined to. All the Netflix Marvel series were rendered null and void after the MCU launched its Disney+ TV empire, but then Matt Murdock suddenly appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Daredevil: Born Again, a reboot of the old Netflix series, was announced for Disney+.

It was recently revealed that the events of the Netflix series are officially MCU canon and will work with the narrative of Born Again, which only heightens the influence of the original show. Now, a new report reveals that continuation will go so far as to answer one of the original show’s biggest mysteries.

Deadline reports Wilson Bethel will reprise his role as Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, aka Bullseye, in Daredevil: Born Again. Bullseye was an FBI Agent manipulated by Kingpin into impersonating Daredevil, ruining the hero’s reputation while disposing of anyone Kingpin wanted gone.

Bullseye wakes up in the last moments of Daredevil.


In the last moments of the Netflix series, we see Bullseye on the operating table. His spine was crushed, but an experimental procedure repairs his vertebrae, and in the last shot we see his eyes open.

Bullseye appearing in Daredevil: Born Again means the new series will finally follow up on two of the Netflix show’s biggest mysteries: just what is the state of Daredevil’s reputation after his impostor was revealed, and how will Bullseye return? Will his shiny new spine give him new powers beyond his incredible throwing skills?

Benjamin Poindexter vows revenge after a spinal injury in Daredevil #181.

Marvel Comics

This big return comes straight from the comics. In Daredevil #181, published in December 1981, Bullseye falls from a tall building after a fight with Daredevil and is paralyzed. However, he recovers in hospital and vows revenge. Now, 43 years later, we may finally see that revenge in glorious live-action.

Daredevil: Born Again premieres on Disney+ in 2025.

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