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Avengers 5 release date could be delayed due to coronavirus, leaker hints

This truly is the darkest timeline.

We're years away from the next Avengers movie, but recent MCU reshuffling could push the Avengers 5 release date even further into the future. Last week, Disney announced new premiere dates for a swath of Marvel Phase Four movies, including Black Widow (November 6, 2020), The Eternals (February 12, 2021), Shang-Chi (May 7, 2021), Doctor Strange 2 (November 5, 202), and Thor: Love and Thunder (February 28, 2022). We also got unexpected release dates for Black Panther 2 (May 8, 2022) and Captain Marvel 2 (July 8, 2022). Unmentioned in that update was Avengers 5, but according to one leaker, the inevitable team-up might also feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Marvel leaker Charles Murphy has been leaking MCU details since at least San Diego Comic Con 2019, where he accurately spoiled Marvel's Phase Four lineup a day before it was officially announced. Since then, we've been keeping on eye on Murphy's Twitter page and blog, where he posts regular leaks and theories.

Most important, however, is his pinned tweet, which lists unannounced MCU release dates that Murphy feels confident about. Things change, of course, and that unofficial schedule changes to reflect it. Earlier versions included a date for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, along with a mystery movie in May 2024 that we assumed was Avengers 5. However, Murphy's latest calendar (published shortly after Marvel delayed a bunch of other movies) is missing both of those films.


It's worth noting that this unofficial MCU calendar is labeled "Marvel Studios 2022-23." So Avengers 5 (or whatever that mystery movie is) could still be coming in May 2024. However, the decision to omit that year entirely feels like a signal that the movie's premiere is no longer certain thanks to these recent changes.

For reference, he's what an earlier version of Murphy's MCU calendar looked like:


In subsequent tweets, Murphy also notes that Spider-Man 3 is still on track for a July 2021 release, noting that Sony (not Marvel) gets to decide when those movies come out. As for Marvel's Disney+ shows like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki, Murphy suggests that Disney could make an official announcement soon, but until then all he knows is that filming is halted.

Again, it's worth noting that none of this is official. But until Marvel announces Avengers 5, Murphy's calendar is probably the best information we have to go on. The fact that his placeholder for the superhero team-up has vanished only raises more questions. And unfortunately, we probably won't get an official answer anytime soon.

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