Here's exactly when you can watch Arcane Act 3 on Netflix

The big finale is almost here.

Runeterra is about to change forever in Arcane. Hextech technology has gotten to the point where commoners are using it. There’s also the fact that Jinx and Silco are very close to weaponizing its more explosive side. Arcane Episode 6 will kick off Act 3, bringing bring Jayce, Viktor, Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx’s stories to their end — but when exactly will you be able to watch the final episodes on Netflix?

When is the Arcane Episode 6 release date and time?

Arcane Episode 6 will be released at 12 a.m. Pacific / 3 a.m. Eastern on November 20, 2021. You can expect more than just that episode on that date!

When is the Arcane Act 3 release date and time?

Riot Games will thankfully release all of Arcane Act 3 on Netflix at the same time: midnight Pacific time on November 20. Unlike most Netflix series, Arcane is coming out weekly in three-episode bunches, each of which is considered an Act. Act 1 started the show on November 6, Act 2 continued the story on November 13, and Act 3 will conclude everything this Saturday.

Is there an Arcane Act 3 trailer?

Yes, there is! A brief teaser for Arcane Act 3 plays on Netflix after you finish watching Act 2. Riot Games has since uploaded it to the League of Legends YouTube channel, so you can watch it below:

What happened in Arcane Act 2?

Act 2 sees Jayce and Viktor continue to innovate Hextech. They manage to find a way to make Hextech available to the ordinary person and learn that it interacts with biological matter, but Professor Heimerdinger tries to shut down and delay their discoveries.

During this time, Councilwoman Mel Medarda manipulates Jayce more and more. She enters a relationship with him, gets him onto Piltover’s Council, and teaches him to control other Piltover’s Council members. At the end of Act 2, Jayce gets Heimerdinger removed from the Council as the old yordle is still against Hextech’s mass production.

Meanwhile, Viktor’s health is deteriorating, causing him to partner with a scientist who works for Silco to refine Hextech and save his life. We also see Caitlyn get blocked from investigating Silco by Enforcer Sheriff Marcu. In response, she breaks Vi out of prison to help her find enough evidence to arrest Silco.

Silco eventually confronts them, but Vi and Caitlyn manage to escape. They then meet Jinx, who has gone crazy but has overcome her fear from the conclusion of Act 1. The meeting is short-lived, as Act 2 ends with Vi being kidnapped by the mysterious Firelight organization, leaving Jinx abandoned once again.

What will happen in Arcane Act 3?

Arcane Act 3 needs to conclude all of these stories. We need to learn who the Firelights are and why they took Vi. Mel’s true motives for manipulating Jayce also need to become apparent, and he and Vi need to craft their iconic weapons seen in League of Legends. We should expect Viktor’s transformation into something closer to his look in League of Legends as well.

Vi and Jinx also must reunite once again, and we’ll learn whether or not they can even heal their relationship. We also expect many of the iconic League of Legends Champions to team up and fight in a climactic battle against Silco. It’s bound to be an enthralling conclusion, that’s for sure.

Arcane Act 3 will be released on November 20, 2021.

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