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Ahsoka Season 2's Release Date May Be Closer Than We Think

Ahsoka Tano’s story will continue. Is another season of Ahsoka the place to do it?

Rosario Dawson in Ahsoka

Even before Ahsoka had truly wrapped its first season, there was a sense that the series had yet to reach its full potential. Lucasfilm’s latest certainly introduces a few exciting concepts, most of them hinging on Ahsoka’s complex villains. The series even establishes the idea of extra-galactic space travel, teasing new adventures in an all-new side of the galaxy. But when it came to telling a complete story on its own, eight episodes just proved to be insufficient.

Ahsoka left fans with more questions than it was prepared to answer. At its worst, it felt like a trailer for the larger story to come: a feature film that will likely bring characters from The Mandalorian, and its spinoffs, together in an Avengers-style crossover. But will we see the cast of Ahsoka before that movie officially drops? Series showrunner Dave Filoni has been characteristically tight-lipped about his plans for the Mando-verse — but Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson might have just given fans a hint about the future.

Could we see more of Ahsoka and Sabine in another season?


Ahsoka’s cast and crew recently sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss the show’s surprising twist in the finale, as well as the future of the saga. Lucasfilm “have not said anything officially” about the continuation of Ahsoka’s story, Dawson admits — but with Filoni working on a film that could involve her character, it’s hard not to speculate.

“I remember when we were at Star Wars Celebration in London and they were like, ‘We’re giving Dave a movie!’” Dawson told Vanity Fair. “I was like, ‘I kind of feel like that means we’re probably going to get a second season.’”

With Hollywood writers and actors returning back to work after respective months-long strikes, there haven’t been many updates on the Ahsoka front. According to Dawson, though, Filoni has been “working on an outline,” potentially for a second season.

Ahsoka Season 1 dropped the ball with characters like Baylan Skoll, but Season 2 could pick up the slack.


Another season could give Ahsoka the chance to smooth out some of its biggest wrinkles. Its finale left so many loose threads dangling, especially where antagonist Baylan Skoll was concerned. The new character was portrayed by the late Ray Stevenson, who passed away just before Ahsoka’s premiere. Per Filoni, the fate of his character is still up in the air: “We’re in a wait-and-see pattern at this point. But I’m glad the conversation is about Ray and how great he was.”

As for Baylan’s former apprentice, Shin Hati, or Ahsoka and Sabine Wren, anything could happen. These characters are all stranded on the planet Peridea by the time Ahsoka ends, so a second season has the chance to explore their dynamics further, and introduce an entirely new galaxy in the process. So much is still up in the air — but with plans apparently in motion, hopefully the Mando-verse can get closer to a coherent narrative.

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