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One Ahsoka Detail You Missed Sets Up a Huge Lightsaber Reveal

A closer look at Baylan Skoll's outfit reveals a little lore hiding in plain sight.


Star Wars has always put deep thought into its costumes. Leia had her iconic white robes (and even more iconic bikini), Han had his vest, Padmé had everything she ever wore. That isn’t stopping with Ahsoka. Costumes play a huge role in the series: we see Sabine don her Mandalorian armor again in a silent and heartfelt vow to get the job done, Jacen has a miniature pauldron that echoes his late father’s, and Ahsoka shed her gray robes for white ones to emphasize her upbeat new attitude.

Now, a hidden detail in Baylan Skoll’s costume could lead to a giant lightsaber reveal that changes everything we know about him, and possibly about Ezra Bridger too. Twitter user @AstromechJ noticed Baylan’s medieval-inspired outfit has a green crystal wrapped to his belt with wire. Could this be a Kyber crystal?

Kyber crystals, as a reminder, power lightsabers, and Jedi traditionally went through a ritual to harvest theirs. It’s unlikely Baylan is displaying his own Kyber crystal, because Huyang recognized Baylan’s lightsaber as the one he built as a padawan (although he may have “bled” his original crystal to change its color to orange). If the crystal Baylan wears was once inside a lightsaber, it probably belonged to his Jedi master, or an old friend he lost in Order 66.

He’s not the only character whose outfit raises questions. One of the details that separates Shin Hati from past Star Wars villains is her padawan braid, a Jedi custom that’s apparently carried into her training with Baylan. In close-ups, it’s clear this braid has some green crystals worked into it.

Shin Hati’s padawan braid may contain actual Kyber crystals.


Could these also be Kyber crystals? They must carry some significance to be featured so heavily on both Baylan’s belt and Shin Hati’s braid. But both mercenaries already have their own lightsabers, so how could more come into play in the last two episodes of Ahsoka?

The answer may lie with Ezra Bridger. He’s finally reunited with Sabine, but there’s one awkward thing she needs to mention: she took his lightsaber for herself. Either he’ll have to make a new one, or she will. Thankfully, Ahsoka is on her way with Huyang, the ancient droid made specifically for building lightsabers, in tow. But Kyber crystals only exist on the planet Ilum, so if Ezra’s going to build a lightsaber on the fly, he’ll have to hope Baylan is feeling generous.

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