'American Horror Story Season 8: Why [SPOILER] Is Going to the Murder House

Another 'American Horror Story' crossover is coming...

by Josie Rhodes Cook

As American Horror Story fans all know, Madison Montgomery is not one to sit back and just let things happen. Ever since she returned in Season 8, she’s been hanging around the rest of the Coven witches, but now she has trip to go on that should thrill AHS fans everywhere. The end of Season 8, Episode 5 and the promo for Episode 6 strongly imply that Madison is headed to the Murder House from the first season of AHS in yet another crossover for the anthology series.

In the flashback timeline of American Horror Story Season 8, Cordelia gave the Seven Wonders test to Michael, who everyone believes could be the first male Supreme but who actually appears to be the Antichrist. He was able to bring back Misty Day as part of his test, much to Cordelia’s delight, but Misty sensed something very evil in him and warned Cordelia about it.

Cordelia reveals that she was never truly interested in naming Michael the new Supreme, and that she just wanted to test how powerful he really was. In order to learn more about him, she sends Madison on a special mission to dig up dirt on his past: to the Murder House, where this all began.

AHS Season 8 Spoilers: Why is Cordelia sending Madison on this mission?

Cordelia actually has a pretty good explanation for sending Madison on such an important expedition. She explains to Madison that she needs to use her powers and training “to find out everything you can about Michael…Because he’s a danger to all of us.” Madison replies, “You know Michael brought me back. Don’t you think I’d be like, loyal to him or something?”

But Cordelia knows better. “You’re only loyal to yourself,” she tells the other witch. Which…yea, that’s fair. She clearly thinks Madison can hold her own at the Murder House, and doesn’t have a weakness in the form of another person like everyone else, including Cordelia herself with Misty. Plus, the warlock Behold Chablis is going with Madison, because he has some concerns about Michael as well. So she won’t be totally fending for herself.


AHS Season 8 Spoilers: There’s a more practical reason behind Madison’s mission

But there’s another reason Madison is the one headed to the Murder House, and it has nothing to do with her selfish nature.

American Horror Story fans may recall that Emma Roberts wasn’t cast in the show until Coven, which means she doesn’t have a Murder House counterpart to contend with and for the writers to work with. It’s not the most exciting reason to send her character back to the beginning, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s practical.

Of course, some Reddit fans have also pointed out that Madison may be descended from the original owners of the house, as she is a Montgomery. So there could be yet another reason that Madison is the one character who had to go.

It looks like the rest of us are going back to Murder House on the next episode of American Horror Story too. Fans will just have to wait to find out if there’s more to Madison’s presence there than we’ve already seen.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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