'American Horror Story' Season 8 Spoilers: Coven May Return in Episode 3

Signs point to "maybe."

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Long before Season 8 even began, American Horror Story fans have been dying to know when the witches from Coven season of the show would return for this year’s promised crossover. Now we may finally know.

It’s no secret that AHS Season 8 plans to combine the worlds of its previous Murder House and Coven seasons. Apocalypse already introduced a major player from Murder House in the form of Michael Langdon, who is almost definitely the Antichrist in this apocalyptic installment of the FX series. But what about the witches?

Promos for the show make it very clear that at least some of the Coven witches will be back on Apocalypse. The only question is: When? Thankfully, there’s a very good chance they’ll show up on the third episode of Season 8, airing on Sept. 26. American Horror Story hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but there are some pretty compelling fan theories making the rounds online about both the Coven and another key character from the current season.

American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: Are the witches back on All Hallows’ Eve?

A promo for the third episode of Apocalypse suggests that at least some of the events of the episode take place on All Hallows’ Eve. What better time for the witches from Coven to make a grand entrance? Depending on how they show up, it could be very grand indeed.

If you look closely at the official AHS Season 3 trailer (at the top of this article), you’ll notice that at one point, some of the witches from Coven stride into the facility the survivors are taking refuge in. In another shot, they appear to be standing above three of the residents of the facility, laid out before them on the floor.

What are the witches doing?

FX Networks/YouTube

Could it be that the Coven resurrects some of the survivors? It looks like that’s a definite possibility.

American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: The biggest clue that the Coven is back

But what are the chances this happens in Episode 3 of American Horror Story? The biggest indication that the witches could return on Sept. 26 lies in the outfits worn by the women lying on the floor in the picture above.

Coco, at least, seems to be in the same outfit she’s seen wearing in the Season 8, Episode 3 promo. Now, if she dies in that outfit, she could stay in it for several episodes, languishing as a corpse in the containment facility. But I have a good feeling that scene takes place during the third episode — even if it happens right at the very end — and fans on Reddit seem to agree.

“I think at the end of the episode the perimeter alarm is going to go off and Mallory, Dina and Coco are going to take Michael’s death pills and die thinking they are being overrun by monsters,” wrote Reddit user GrumpySatan. “Last scene is the witches entering the facility. This leads to that screenshot of Cordelia over the three which will be the next episode. Cordelia will resurrect them.”

American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: But what about Miriam Mead?

Miriam Mead


Fans can’t be sure exactly when the witches from Coven will return, but there’s an even bigger mystery afoot in American Horror Story Season 8. After the second episode, it’s unclear who, and what, Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates new character) is.

At the end of the second episode, Mead was shot, revealing what looked like some internal wiring and a strange fluid that definitely did not look like blood as it dripped out of her. That’s led to questions of whether Mead is a robot, some sort of android, or something else entirely.

Reddit users on a pre-episode discussion thread debated whether Mead could be a cyborg and what it might mean for the show. But most importantly, American Horror Story fans just want answers.

“I don’t wanna be left in the dark on that Meade cliffhanger for a whole episode,” Redditor bbspooks wrote.

Hopefully, after Episode 3 of American Horror Story Season 8, fans will get some answers about the Coven and Mead, instead of simply leaving us with even more questions.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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