'AHS' Season 8 Spoilers: How Episode 5 Could Bring Back Misty Day

This 'Coven' witch is still unaccounted for.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Things are really starting to heat up on American Horror Story: Season 8 as we head into Episode 5, but one of the show’s best recurring actors is still missing in action. Lily Rabe, who played the witch Misty Day in Season 3 has yet to appear — even if a bunch of her Coven has already returned — but fans have a new theory on how the character could appear in AHS Season 8 very soon.

To recap, back in Season 8 Episode 3, a few of the witches from the Coven season of AHS showed up, and it was starting to look like they might have a showdown with Michael Langdon, the Antichrist in this end-of-the-world story.

But by the end of Episode 4, the witches hadn’t really faced off with Michael, yet. Instead, the episode featured flashbacks, mostly focused on Michael’s past and his time at a warlock school. It also explained what happened to Queenie: She did die in the Hotel Cortez, but Michael rescued her. He also pulled Madison out of her own personal Hell.

But what about Misty Day? If you watched Season 3, you may recall that Misty is a witch with extraordinary, natural abilities who lived alone in a swamp before moving into Miss Robichaux’s Academy. However, when she took the test of the Seven Wonders, Misty got stuck in the nether realm, and Cordelia was deeply affected by her death.

Of course, just because Misty got stuck in another realm, that doesn’t mean she’s not able to come back on American Horror Story. Queenie and Madison were resurrected, and the witches will need all the help they can get to defeat Michael.

But what if Misty doesn’t end up helping the witches at all?

American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: What if Misty is Michael’s pawn?

There’s a lot of fan speculation that Misty may return on Apocalypse, but that she would end up as Michael’s pawn and a weapon against Cordelia. After all, Michael seemed to bring Queenie and Madison back mostly to prove that he’s more powerful than Cordelia, the Supreme, rather than out of any actual concern for them. What better way to toy with Cordelia further than by bringing back the witch she’s still devastated over losing?

“The fact that Misty wasn’t brought back is scaring me,” Reddit user NightKing17 wrote in a live episode discussion thread. “When she does get brought back I doubt it’ll be for the best.”

In another Reddit thread, ilovetorunforfun predictedthat “Michael will bring back Misty to deal a final blow to Cordelia’s spirit.” Later on, replying to someone else, they speculated that “Misty is the bargaining chip to get Cordelia to administer the Seven Wonders.”

American Horror Story Season 8 Spoilers: Or will Mallory save Misty?

Another fan suggested a different reason for Misty’s return: Maybe Mallory, who may be something even more powerful than a witch, brings Misty back instead.

“I think Mallory will prove her power is equal to Michael by rescuing Misty,” Togaz wrote on the same post-episode thread on Reddit.

However American Horror Story chooses to bring Misty back, she’s clearly beloved by the fanbase so her return should be well received no matter how it happens. Fans will just have to keep watching Apocalypse to see if everyone’s favorite Stevie Nicks-loving witch pops up again.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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