Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Explainers, analysis, spoilers, and more for Marvel’s trippiest movie ever. Enter, if you dare.

The Inverse Review
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness plunges the MCU to scary depths

With all-time great performances and the work of Sam Raimi, the MCU proves surprising even after all this time.

Marvel Studios
Strange histories
Science and superheroes invented the multiverse by mistake — they’re still fighting over it today

As Doctor Strange and The Flash enter the multiverse, scientists question what it means for the future.

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The World of 1978 Wasn’t Ready For Marvel’s Doctor Strange

ByRyan Scott

Comic books aren’t sacred texts, but an early Marvel movie proves they deserve to be taken seriously.


The Director of Marvel's Next Big Movie Reveals a "Stressful" Canon Change

ByLyvie Scott

How does Marvel’s multiverse actually work?


The Multiverse is Overstaying Its Welcome

ByLyvie Scott

The multiverse is nothing new, but it’s suffering under Hollywood’s obsession with Easter eggs.


Hayley Atwell Knows People Think Her 'Doctor Strange 2' Cameo Was "Lame"

ByHoai-Tran Bui

“It was such a weird cameo to do.”


100 years ago, Stan Lee was born. He changed superheroes — and the world.

ByAlex Fitch and The Conversation

Lee wrote the first lines of dialogue for Spider-Man, the Hulk, and the X-Men. But his influence goes far beyond that.

o captain my captain

Captain Carter deserves to play a bigger role in Marvel's Multiverse Saga

ByDais Johnston

After Agent Carter, we need Captain Carter.

Big Stretch?

Reed Richards? Ant-Man: Quantumania casting news could redefine the Fantastic Four

ByEric Francisco

William Jackson Harper has a mystery role in the next Ant-Man movie. Could he be a beloved superhero?

Attorney at Law

Wong: She-Hulk is quietly undoing Doctor Strange’s greatest innovation

ByEric Francisco

Wong has become the MCU’s new favorite recurring character. But is there a limit?


Bruce Campbell vs. the Marvel Cinematic Universe

ByJake Kleinman

“Well, he's in the universe now,” Campbell tells Inverse of his MCU character. “Which means he's in every universe because these are all multi-layered universes.”

The Inverse Interview

Doctor Strange star reveals the Avengers character she wants to “interact” with most

ByEric Francisco

Xochitl Gomez may be central to the Multiverse Saga, but no one has officially spoken to her about it — yet.