“May the Fourth” Meme Generator Will Make Your Star Wars Day More Original

As if Star Wars could ever be derivative.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and "this isn't the corporate advertising that you are looking for" text

May the Fourth, a celebration dedicated to all things Star Wars, is the archetypal holiday of the internet age. Rather than participating in familial rituals and religious observations, the collective cult consciousness of Star Wars fans everywhere coalesces on the internet, where the only currency that matters isn’t republic credits, but memes.

Thankfully, making memes is much easier than going through an entire childhood of Padawan training. And because of sites like, you don’t need to go through the grueling legwork finding images and plugging in to the cultural zeitgeist to eventually make your own memes in MS paint. The meme generator has put together a collection of Star Wars meme templates to help you channel the Force into boosting your Twitter brand.

Here are some of the Star Wars-themed memes I made that showcase my rapier sharp wit and if you have a rapier sharp wit then these are for you!

Here’s a cheeky, topical, and relatable meme I made using this template. Now you can tell that I’m funny and pat me on the back for my politics!

Here’s a meme I made using this template that is super educational.

Here’s a super empathetic meme I made using this template.

Here’s pop culture crossover meme I made using this template that establishes me as a member of the Westworld ingroup.

This is a metameme I made using this template that shows how self-aware and critical I am of the entertainment apparatus in which I’m a willing participant and consumer.

There’s an entire cottage industry dedicated to creating internet humor related to cultural moments. Some companies got in on the fun today, just as many did with the advent of cryptocurrency and the activist push for net neutrality. And Star Wars day is no exception.

May the Fourth be with you!

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