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How immune are you after having Covid-19? Why you still need a vaccine

If you’ve been infected with coronavirus and think you don’t need a vaccine, think again.

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Guillain-Barré syndrome: Why experts are still “confident” in J&J

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Delta variant: 6 unreasonably common questions and the answers

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Will the next pandemic stem from antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

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Covid-19 vaccine: Why this one question is so controversial

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How the common cold can prevent Covid-19 infection

The common cold could prime your immune system for a Covid-19 battle.

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What to do if your Covid-19 vaccine plan goes wrong

Missed the window for your second shot? Forgot your card? We got you.

Hot vaxx summer

13 questions to get through the horny weirdness of Summer 2021

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Your post-vaccination Covid-19 dreams aren't just in your head

An expert explains why people are having weird dreams after getting their shot.

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4 big questions we still have about Covid-19 vaccine blood clots


Can pets get the vaccine? 5 Covid-19 questions answered by experts

Covid-19 can infect our furry friends — here's the 101 on Covid-19 and pets.


India’s Covid-19 crisis: The “double mutation” issue isn’t what you think

“I don’t know why the press came up with that term.”