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One year in quarantine

One year into the pandemic, Inverse investigates how quarantine changed every facet of our lives, from video games to food to life-changing decisions.

One Year Later

The evolutionary reason all your friends made babies during the pandemic

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were plunged into psychological limbo. Some responded by making major life decisions and starting their life fresh.

One Year Later

9 gaming figures reveal how their habits changed during lockdown

Content creators, gaming journalists, and developers share the platforms, titles, and genres that they turned to during a grueling year.

One Year Later

Soy boys: How tofu conquered America during a global pandemic

One Year Later

How has streaming changed in the pandemic? 3,300 Inverse readers reveal 6 big trends

Inverse asked 3,300 people how the way they stream movies and TV has changed in the past year. The answers may surprise you.


7 video game developers reveal how the pandemic changed everything

Developers at Respawn, Harmonix, and more talk the challenges of the past year.

One year later

Use these handy coping mechanisms to help you return to normal life

Life in Quarantine

How a Settlers of Catan-style game grew by 1,200% during Covid-19 lockdown wasn’t built in a day — but it was close.


12 stories about how games brought people together in quarantine

More than 3,000 Inverse readers share their stories.

On the road

How the humble RV became a traveling American's dream come true

“We thought an RV was for camping, but what we’re using it for is an absolute dream.”


How has gaming changed in the pandemic? 2,900 Inverse readers reveal 3 big trends

An unprecedented era has led to many changes in gaming habits.