Everything Else You Need to Know for Apple's "Hey Siri" Event

The latest tidbits on collaborations and specific details.

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Apple’s “Hey Siri” event takes place today at 1 p.m. EST. We ran through some of the early rumors yesterday, including the iPhones 6S and 6S Plus, new iPads, and a revamped Apple TV. Here’s what else to expect at the keynote later today.


Apple has a long history of collaboration with the non-profit organization, which focuses on fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. They’ve offered RED Nanos for years, and now are going to offer a RED Apple Watch sport band.

Apple TV App Store had already reported that the new Apple TV will have its own App Store, as well as its own operating system, “tvOS.” You might even be able to play video games on it. We now have a clearer idea of exactly what companies will partner with Apple for apps tailored for the device. TechCrunch reports that Periscope — the voyeuristic app that allows you to peer into others’ lives in realtime — will broadcast on Apple TV. In addition, Airbnb will apparently have an app, presumably for owners to keep an eye on their guests from afar.

“Hey Siri”

Saying “Hey Siri” allows the user to activate Siri with speech alone. Previously, iPhones had to be plugged in for the “Hey Siri” function to work. The new models, though, will have the feature available no matter where you are. Now it’ll be even easier for your dad to talk with her.

Time to get excited, or don’t, your call.

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