'Fortnite' Oversized Piano Location Map: How to Play the Sheet Music

Does it count as dancing if you play music with your feet?

After the return of the “search between” challenge format last week, Fortnite: Battle Royale strikes a chord in Week 6 with some music-focused challenges via the Boogie Down mission set. One of them reintroduces players to the giant piano that’s still around.

Week 6 began Thursday morning, and once players complete at least one of the initial Boogie Down challenges, they’ll unlock another to simply “visit an oversized piano.” The prestige version, unlocked once players complete all seven of the initial Boogie Down challenges, has you play an entire song on the piano, a process folks should remember from a Season 7 challenge and another further back in Season 6.

Visiting the giant piano shouldn’t be a problem at all if you know where it is (use the map below), but trying to play a five-note song with your feet on a giant piano in a video game with only adequately responsive controls is, well, challenging.

You can just faintly see the strip of white on the map that indicates the piano keys.

Epic Games

If you’ve been keeping up with challenges throughout Season X, then you’ll no doubt remember a visit to the Hero Mansion just north of the race track last week. Well, the giant piano needed for this challenge is just barely north of that close to the coastline.

The notes are C-E-G-E-C, making up a little ditty that’s much more manageable than some of the more complex Christmas tunes we dealt with the last time Epic Games gave us a challenge like this.

All of the premium battle mission sets, Boogie Down included, will be available until the end of Season X, so players have about a month to complete this challenge. At least for the prestige version, it might be really difficult if there are enemy players in the vicinity. Consider grouping up with three friends in Squads and crowding around the area taking turns. Otherwise, maybe wait a couple of weeks until foot traffic has diminished.

*Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X should end on or around October 5, 2019.

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