Fortnite Bat Statue, Pool, Giant Seat Locations: Where to Dance in Week 6

The prestige version of this challenge could get really frustrating.

Dancing is important again in Fortnite: Battle Royale after last week’s lackluster “search between,” because boogying down is the focus of a new mission set of seven challenges called “Boogie Down” released for Season X, Week 6 on Thursday.

The second Boogie Down challenge has players “Dance in front of a bat statue, a way above-ground pool, and on a seat for giants.” Once players complete all seven of the Boogie Down challenges, they’ll unlock the prestige versions. For this one, they’ll have to dance in front of all three landmarks in a single match. That’s no easy feat, especially when two of them are very far apart and the third one is atop a floating island that moves around the map.

An important thing to note: Historically, if an object is destroyed, you won’t be able to interact with it for the purpose of completing a challenge, but in my match, an enemy player destroyed the bat statue and I was still able to dance near it for credit.

Here's where to find all three of the landmarks to dance near — but one of them moves around!

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Where to Dance in Front of a Bat Statue in Fortnite

The spooky bat statue reminiscent of last year’s Fortnitemares event and the Gargoyles can be found in the graveyard of Haunted Hills, roughly in the northwest corner directly across from the large main building on the eastern side.

Look for this floating motel.

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Where to Dance in Front of a Way Above-Ground Pool in Fortnite

The folks at Epic Games think they’re super clever referring to this one as a “way above-ground pool.” The floating island powered by the mysterious purple cube from 2018’s Fortnitemares event reappeared a few weeks back, and now there’s a motel on it with what’s technically an in-ground pool. But yes, it’s many feet “way above-ground” as a result. The floating island moves, which makes the prestige version of this challenge tricky.

When I tried doing this challenge the day it was released, the island was directly above the “seat for giants,” so completing them together is very easy.

The seat for giants is in a small town south of Shifty Shafts.

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Where to Dance on a Seat for Giants in Fortnite

Formerly dubbed an “oversized seat” in Season 5, this large wooden chair is across the road from a quiet little settlement just south of Shifty Shafts and directly east of Polar Peak. Note that the challenge description does say you have to dance on it, so you might have to either land on it or build up to it for your dancing to count.

The prestige version requiring you to visit all three locations in a single match can be a problem, especially if the island shows up in a weird spot. We suggest folks get on it ASAP and also consider trying to use ziplines, rifts, and especially driftboards as needed. is a great resource that can produce maps showing where all of these things spawn, so be sure to use that when trying for the prestige.

Like most of these premium battle mission sets, Boogie Down will be available until the end of Season X, so players have about a month to complete this challenge.

*Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X should end on or around October 5, 2019.

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