Everything We Know About 'Bloodshot,' Valiant's Vin Diesel Superhero Movie

Vin Diesel is introducing moviegoers to the Valiant Universe.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actor Vin Diesel lends his voice to a walking, talking alien tree. But in the emerging Valiant Universe, the actor is giving his whole self to become the human-machine hybrid, Bloodshot.

In 2020, the first-ever film adaptation of a Valiant Comics character will hit the big screen in Bloodshot. (Jason David Frank of Power Rangers fame previously played Bloodshot in a live-action web-series, Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe.)

An ex-soldier with amnesia, what makes Bloodshot unique (besides his ghostly white skin pigment) are the billion microscopic supercomputers, called “nanites,” that run through his bloodstream. The nanites allow Bloodshot to heal his wounds quickly, as well as letting him interface with all electronics.

Bloodshot, created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton in 1992, was and is one of the most popular characters from Valiant, a different superhero sandbox with unique characters that rival Marvel and DC. While Easter egg connections are expected to be minimal, you can bet that Bloodshot, directed by Dave Wilson, might be the beginning of the Valiant Cinematic Universe.

Here’s all you need to know about Bloodshot and his first movie. Bookmark this page and visit it frequently, as we’ll update it when more information, trailers, and images are released.

Valiant Bloodshot Rising Spirit Felipe Massafera
Cover of 'Bloodshot: Rising Spirit' #1, a 2018 series by Felipe Massafera.

When Will Bloodshot Hit Theaters?

Bloodshot will be released in theaters on February 21, 2020.

Is There a Trailer for Bloodshot?

Not yet. Director Dave Wilson has teased a trailer might come out in October. We will update this page with the Bloodshot trailer when it is officially released.

Who Is Starring in Bloodshot?

Vin Diesel is the main star of Bloodshot, but he’s not alone. Also in the film are:

  • Sam Heughan (Outlander) as Cpl. Harlan Shifflet
  • Guy Pearce as Dr. Emil Harting
  • Talulah Riley (Westworld) as Gina DeCarlo (who in the comics was Raymond/Angelo’s mob princess girlfriend)
  • Toby Kebbell (Black Mirror) as Axe, a computer hacker and villain
  • Lamorne Morris (New Girl) as Wilfred Wigans, a scientist
  • Eiza González (Baby Driver) in an unknown role
Vin Diesel Bloodshot
In 2019, Vin Diesel shared the first image of himself as Ray Garrison in 'Bloodshot' on his Instagram page.

Wait, Who Is Bloodshot?

Bloodshot is one of the leading characters from Valiant, a cult comic book publisher with a rollercoaster history. Formed in 1989, the publisher was sold to Acclaim and went bankrupt in 2004 before resurrecting in 2012. Valiant was acquired by Chinese company DMG Entertainment in 2018, with the intent to adapt Valiant’s comic book library into a new media franchise.

Bloodshot himself is Ray Garrison, or Angelo Mortalli — depends who you ask. In the ‘90s, Bloodshot was Angelo Mortalli, a Mafia hitman who was killed while under witness protection (and subsequently subjected to Project Rising Spirit). But after Valiant’s 2012 reboot, Bloodshot learned he had another identity: Raymond Garrison, a soldier and government agent who used “Angelo Mortalli” as an alias to infiltrate the Cianelli crime family.

As a surviving subject of Project Rising Spirit, Bloodshot has a billion supercomputers in his blood. The nanomachines allow Bloodshot to regenerate and heal wounds, as well as interface with any electronic machine. If you combine Wolverine, the Punisher, and Cyborg into one character, you essentially have Bloodshot. (But don’t tell that to his face.)

Is There a Movie Poster for Bloodshot?

Not yet, but Diesel did release this variant comic book cover, offering fans a first official look at the actor in his new superhero role.

Vin Diesel Bloodshot
In 2019, Vin Diesel participated in a fundraiser for the charity ROWW, which auctioned off a variant cover of 'Bloodshot Salvation' #12 that featured Vin Diesel in costume as Bloodshot. It was the first public image of Diesel as his title character. Illustrated by Lewis LaRosa.

So What’s the Bloodshot Movie About?

Based on what little we’ve seen of the movie, we can guess that Bloodshot’s complicated origin has been trimmed down. Vin Diesel will play Raymond Garrison, who becomes the subject of Project Rising Spirit where he turns into Bloodshot. Jared Leto was at one point rumored for the role of Angelo Mortalli, an antagonist who borrows the name of Raymond’s mobster identity.

It is unknown what has become of Leto’s involvement in Bloodshot; the actor is currently shooting Morbius, which is slated to release on July 31, 2020.

Will Bloodshot Kickoff the Valiant Cinematic Universe (VCU)?

Probably! Little is known about Bloodshot and its potential to start the “VCU.” You can bet that if the film is a hit, that will naturally encourage the studio to produce sequels and spin-offs. Remember: Before 2008, no one outside comic book readers knew who Iron Man was, and the success of that movie alone led to the mega-blockbuster MCU franchise that exists today.

There will probably be a handful of Easter eggs that reference the Valiant Universe, such as Harbinger or Faith, the female superhero that Stranger Things star Shannon Purser has expressed interest in playing. (Both Harbinger and Faith are in development.)

Bloodshot will be released in theaters on February 21, 2020.