'Apex Legends' Season 2 Battle Pass Guide: Price, Skins, and Skydive Emotes

Season 2's battle pass is already way better than Season 1.

Apex Legends Season 2 is finally here, and with it comes a new battle pass available for purchase that includes tons of rewards, along with three new types of cosmetics: skydive emotes, music packs, and unique loading screens.

Season 2 launched Tuesday at 1 p.m. Eastern, and after players download the sizable game update, they can purchase a battle pass for 950 Apex Coins (about $10) to start unlocking rewards. To celebrate the occasion, developer Respawn Entertainment released a battle pass launch video detailing what players can expect. (Watch that at the top of this article.)

The trailer boasts “new daily and weekly challenges, improved cosmetic types, crafting metals, Apex Packs and coins, and … more legendary items.” A voice narrating the trailer also says, “we’ve heard you loud and clear.” This speaks to how effective Respawn is at engaging the player base and taking constructive criticism.

Anyone who already loved Apex Legends probably enjoyed the Season 1 battle pass, but when compared directly to the battle pass that Fortnite offers each season, Apex Legends Season 1 was an underwhelming failure. Respawn hopes to change that with Season 2.

From the looks of the Season 2 battle pass, players have a lot to look forward to with more than 100 items. Season 1’s battle pass had far too many trackers and badges as rewards for an entire tier. Now, trackers are free even if you don’t have the battle pass. They’re awarded at many of the lower tiers accompanied by a more legitimate item. Tier 10, for instance, includes a Bangalore skydive salute emote and a Bloodhound Season 2 wins tracker.

Just purchasing the battle pass grants the player a Legendary weapon skin for the Spitfire LMG called “The Intimidator,” along with a trio of rare skins for Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Bangalore. But the 100 tiers include enough crafting materials to make any Legendary item and enough Apex Coins to buy the Season 3 battle pass when it comes out.

What’s new in the Season 2 battle pass?

10 skydive emotes, 6 music packs, and 10 unique loading screens are also part of the new battle pass. Skydive emotes and loading screens should be self-explanatory, but the music packs add something new and interesting into the mix.

Excellent concept art like this piece featuring Lifeline appears in the Season 2 battle pass as a loading screen.

Respawn Entertainment

Over on EA’s official Season 2 battle pass page, anyone can review the full contents of the battle pass. There, it explains that music packs “update the music you hear during the drop, when you win, and more with themed music packs.”

Much later in the battle pass, players can also earn legendary skins like Jade Tiger for Octane and Prince of Darkness for Caustic. All of these rewards feel like a vast improvement on Season 1, and with the addition of daily and weekly challenges, advancing through the Season 2 battle pass will be easier than ever.

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