'Apex Legends' Season 2 Trailer Confirms a Huge Theory About Crypto

Wattson joins the fray and Crypto is definitely real.

Respawn Entertainment dropped an action-packed trailer for Apex Legends Season 2 Thursday afternoon, confirming most of our theories about Wattson, the emergence of Crypto, and how the destruction of the Repulsor Tower allows tons of huge monsters to invade King’s Canyon.

We never see Crypto’s face, but it’s unmistakably him that boots up a laptop and begins hacking into a Disruptor tower at the start of the trailer. The action then cuts to Octane (ostensibly the main character with the most screentime for some reason) who snags a gun from the ground after Gibraltar kills Mirage. Bangalore, from Octane’s squad, flanks Gibraltar and guns him down.

Another Mirage (wielding a new L-STAR!) shows up, aided by Bloodhound, but before they can take Octane down, he uses Stim to run away. He only survives because Wattson (!) appears to disable an arc throwing star from Bloodhound and snipe the hunter just as Octane takes out Mirage. Before they can celebrate victory, however, that’s when the EMP detonates, frying all electronic devices — such as the Disruptor barrier preventing Leviathans and more Flyers from landing on the island.

Things just got really complicated really fast.

Respawn Entertainment

I know what you’re thinking: Why were there two Mirages when Respawn could’ve used Caustic, Lifeline, Pathfinder, or Wraith? Good question. Somebody at Respawn must really hate Mirage.

More importantly, the EMP blast alerts creatures in the surrounding area, and after the tower falls, dozens of Flyers appear, as does the huge Leviathan that’s been teased since before E3 via the giant eye.

This is horrifying. Is this what it'll be like diving into every match now?

Respawn Entertainment

Wattson dives down to the island amidst dozens of Flyers, and she sweeps right by the face of a Leviathan. (Is that Rosie?)

In the thrilling final shot, Wattson swoops past the fallen disruptor and collides with a Flyer. Based on this trailer alone, it isn’t clear if all of these monsters invading is an event that happens offscreen for Apex Legends or if the beasts will persist into actual gameplay. Fortnite tends to launch each new season with a story-focused hype trailer that has no real bearing on the rest of the season, will Apex do the same

Based on a second leaked Apex Legends Season 2 trailer, however, it looks like there’ll be a time jump between Season 1 and Season 2, but many Flyers and at least one Leviathan will remain. In that trailer, a Leviathan steps directly on to a Mirage (Respawn really hates this guy, huh?)

This is an epic way to end the first trailer for Season 2.

Respawn Entertainment

That second trailer also details how many key areas of King’s Canyon will change in the new season. Not only will we get what feels like a whole new map, but Season 2 will also include daily and weekly challenges as part of the battle pass.

The hype is real for many Apex fans out there. When will Crypto emerge from the shadows to join the fight?

Apex Legends Season 2 begins July 2.

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