'Apex' Season 2 Leaks Explain How Crypto and Wattson Connect to Leviathans

And what it all means for game's new story.

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 2 is a week away, but one astute player may have already cracked how the new season of Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale game could begin. An impressive new theory (based on multiple leaks) explains how a huge shift in the game’s story could involve the new character Wattson, the giant Leviathans roaming the island, and a mysterious new Legend named Crypto.

Redditor u/Crowiii shared their theory to the Apex Legends subreddit Monday night, crediting data-miners @That1MiningGuy and redditor FrozenFroh, two of the most prominent leakers in the Apex Legends community.

The theory incorporates what feels like every single leak related to Apex Season 2 that’s out there, unifying them into a cohesive story. Here’s the abridged version:

  • A hacker character called Crypto disables the repulser tower that prevents the Leviathans from stepping foot on the island.
  • That allows an even bigger monstrosity named Rosie to destroy parts of the map.
  • This results in mass flooding, and the engineer Wattson shows up to build a new disrupter and restore a sense of normalcy to the Apex Games.

This could explain how and why Wattson joins the Apex Games and also set the stage for a story-centric evolution for the game in Season 2.

Wattson appears with her father in an anime-inspired backstory.

Respawn Entertainment

This lengthy, exhaustive theory almost feels like spirited fan fiction, but most of the evidence seems legitimate.

Most of this theory is based on an older post from FrozenFroh, who months ago accurately predicted the arrival of Flyers, Leviathans, Wattson, and the L-STAR gun in Season 2. Based on leaked information, FrozenFroh believes that a sword-wielding hacker named Crypto jams the signal from the disrupter, and a Leviathan will destroy it.

He also references “Deep Water” sound effects in the game’s files, implying that some areas of the map will see a rise in water levels, so the river that bisects the island might flood.

u/Crowiii builds upon FrozenFroh’s theory by discussing an official Apex Legends teaser from June 12 that implied someone in the game’s universe had named one of the Leviathans “Rosie.” Previous leaks indicated that Rosie might be a new Legend, but the June 12 tweet claimed that Rosie was “exhibiting signs of territorial behavior or distress.” Whoever this Rosie is, she’s definitely some kind of beast. She could be one of the Leviathans circling the island, but so far most of those just wander around aimlessly.

In some Titanfall 2 cover art, Leviathan bones appear much larger than we see in Apex Legends. (Reminder: These game’s share a universe.) We therefore know it’s at least possible for these creatures to keep growing beyond what we’ve seen in Apex. We also know that Kind’s Canyon, the setting of the Apex Games in Apex Legends, is a small island in a much bigger world full of these creatures.

Could this giant eye teased before E3 be Rosie's?

Respawn Entertainment

There’s also a small but important detail revealed about Wattson during an E3 presentation, which is that she grew up inside King’s Canyon.

“Wattson and her father actually invented the Ring,” Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello confirmed, referring to the technology in the game that shrinks the playable area akin to Fortnite’s Storm. “She grew up in the arena, literally in the arena when they were building it.” He also confirmed that in Season 2 and beyond, Apex Legends will explore the story behind the Apex Games, along with the major characters and organizations that have played a role.

“I believe Crypto is hunkered town, hacking and jamming the Repulser’s signal to wreak havoc onto the games,” u/Crowiii writes in their theory. “Wattson, unknowing of Crypto’s involvement, is joining the games to repair the Repulser before it’s too late.” This would explain why Wattson emerges now, and why her appearance is tied to the subversive actions of Crypto.

There’s also a Bangalore skin that might hint that she and Crypto are from an organization that could be opposed to the Syndicate, the group that created the Apex Games. Bangalore might’ve been collecting intel on the games so that Crypto could hack their technology.

“You’re gonna see with Wattson and moving forward, we’re going to start to build out the lore of this world a little bit,” Tom Casiello said. “We’ll talk about the Syndicate. We’re building more and more of a universe.”

Casiello’s comments make it seem like the story behind Apex Legends is about to get much more complex, and even if parts of u/Crowiii’s theory don’t pan out, pieces of it feel like they could be true. We’ll find out when Season 2 begins next week.

Apex Legends Season 2 is scheduled to start on July 2.

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