'Apex Legends' Season 2 Teaser Reveals Why Wattson Joins the Apex Games

She's the most brilliant engineer in the universe.

Apex Games developer Respawn Entertainment shared another cryptic tweet Tuesday to tease Season 2, and it offers an explanation at why the game’s newest playable character, Natalie “Wattson” Paquette, is joining the Apex Games this July. In order to avert disaster in King’s Canyon, she enters the fray to repair the huge force field that prevents monsters from swarming the island.

Earlier in June, the official Apex Legends Twitter account began sharing teaser GIFs that looks like electronic reports or messages received within the world of the game. They look like file directories. A June 12 data log tracked the movements of a Leviathan named Rosie, and a June 25 service report for the “Repulsor Tower” was marked “Complete.”

The “site” is the “Repulsor Tower” in “King’s Canyon” (the island all matches are played on) on “Solace” (this planet in the Titanfall universe). “Weak signal — wildlife intrusions into arena,” a section marked issue reads. It cites “standard wear and tear” as the reason behind the damage.

This service report probably refers to work done by Wattson.

Respawn Entertainment

This references how the dragon-like Flyers have begun circling around the island. It’s because standard wear and tear on the repulsor tower weakened the signal enough that flying creatures were able to reach the island. This problem was corrected by amplifying the signal, but how long might that last?

As far as we know, the only person qualified to do this corrective work is Wattson. According to an animated video of her released earlier this June, she “cracked the equations necessary to power the force field” used in the Apex Games and mastered “quantum laser mechanics” by the time she was 22.

“Wattson and her father actually invented the Ring,” Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello confirmed at E3, referring to the technology in the game that shrinks the playable area akin to Fortnite’s Storm. Her father is the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer, and together they designed the “modified containment force field” technology that seemingly goes both ways — shrinking the playable area over time to increase the intensity of competition but it can also seemingly block local wildlife from interfering.

Some huge Apex Legends Season 2 theories assume Wattson’s initial repairs might not be enough and/or that a mysterious hacker called Crypto deliberately tampers with or destroys the disruptor tower to wreak havoc on the island. More Flyers and larger Leviathans might then be able to reach the island and interact directly with players.

A GIF of a giant creature’s eye glaring at Wattson skydiving down to the island was shared to Twitter Wednesday, further fueling theories that she has something to do with a huge monster invasion.

This new teaser, ripped from an EA Play clip earlier this month, was shared to Twitter on June 26.

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn will release a new trailer for Apex Legends Season 2 on Thursday, June 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern, and the cover image also features this same monstrous eye.

Will the trailer finally clarify what Wattson’s doing and how her appearance could influence the events of Season 2? One thing’s for sure: Something huge is coming.

Apex Legends Season 2 will begin July 2, 2019.

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