'Fortnite' Week 6: How to Use 2 Different Vehicles in a Single Match

Here's our favorite location for completing this challenge.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9’s sixth week of challenges are kind of boring (there’s no dancing!), but one of the more difficult tasks requires that you use two different vehicles in a single match. In many cases, players often accidentally complete this task just by playing the game.

Week 6 challenges unlocked Thursday morning, and “use different vehicles in a single match” should be a priority for players, as it’s worth a whopping 10 battle stars. Your knowledge from Week 5’s multi-stage race track challenge will come in very handy here.

The key is to aim for locations where different vehicles spawn together. There are plenty of options all over the map where this is possible. is a great resource for these types of challenges. Using the “Spawns” submenu, you can easily find the spawn locations of anything on the map. The map below shows where you can find driftboards, quadcrashers, ballers, and pirate cannons (yes, cannons somehow count as a vehicle).

This map shows the spawn locations for all the game's current vehicles.

One option is to head towards the mountains south of Neo Tilted where quadcrashers and driftboards spawn near some trucks. The caveat there, however, is that Neo Tilted remains a popular landing destination where enemies might target you immediately.

We recommend heading up to the “grasslands race track” that’s in between Junk Junction and the Block, an important part of the Week 4 challenge. At the starting line of the race track, several driftboards are right on the road facing south, but just west of them is a quadcrasher. Land at the quadcrasher, drive forward for a moment, hop off to grab a driftboard, and the challenge should be complete.

Especially if you’re teaming up with friends, we recommend attempting this in squads or any 50v50 limited-time modes. If you land with three teammates or more in a single location, you’ll dissuade enemies from landing there with you. By activating part assist, three squadmates can protect the fourth while they complete this challenge for everyone, making for the ideal way to complete this challenge.

According to the in-game countdown that comes with this season’s battle pass, Season 9 is scheduled to end on July 23, so there’s still plenty of time to complete this and other challenges before Season 10 arrives.

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