'Fortnite' Flaming Hoop Locations Map: Where to Launch Through With Cannons

For the Week 10 challenge.

One of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8’s last challenges, released Thursday, has players “launch through flaming hoops with a cannon” three times. Reminiscent of the vehicle-based flaming hoop challenges of from Season 5 and Season 6, this one offers a refreshing variation that fits with Season 8’s pirate theme — even if it is a little bit ridiculous.

It seems like all of the flaming hoops are located in the skies either above or around the seven pirate camps added to the map at the start of Season 8. Because these are some of the best places to find cannons, the plan becomes clear: Go directly to a pirate camp, claim a cannon, and look around in the sky for the flaming hoop.

For convenience, we’ve rounded up all of the possible flaming hoop locations. You only need to shoot yourself through three of them, and there are seven available spread out across the middle of the map.

Here's an approximation of where every flaming hoop can be found.

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In every case, be sure to account for gravity’s influence on your avatar’s body, meaning that you have to aim much higher with the targeting reticle to successfully fly through the hoop.

Completing all three flaming hoops in a single match seems close to impossible, but there are two in particular that work well together. If you land at the pirate camp northwest of Lazy Lagoon and east of The Block, you can aim directly over the pirate ship. Should you succeed, it’ll launch you on a southeastern trajectory towards another pirate camp just southwest of the volcano.

There are cannons on the roof of that camp, and you barely have to adjust the southwest-facing cannon to shoot yourself through the next hoop. From there, you’ll probably find yourself between Dusty Divot and Retail Row. At this point, the storm might force you in one direction or another. We suggest avoiding the Paradise Palms flaming hoop if possible, as it’s located extremely high in the air. As such, it’s easy to miss.

It might be worth finishing your match and landing at the pirate camp west of Fatal Fields, which offers an easy shot through a flaming hoop to the north.

According to the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 8 ends on Wednesday, May 8. Therefore, Season 9 should begin either Thursday, May 9 or Friday, May 10. Either way, there isn’t much time left to complete this or any other challenges.

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