'Fortnite' Week 4 Challenge: How to Find the Baller

Check out our map of all known spawn locations.

The newest vehicle to hit Fortnite: Battle Royale, a glass orb called the “Baller,” just got its first challenge. Now it’s time to become well-versed in where to find these balls.

Week 4 began Thursday morning, just a few days after the version 8.11 update reduced Baller spawns to 50 percent what it was previously, and less than 12 hours after it was temporarily removed from the game entirely for “balancing issues.” But the Baller is back and harder to find. Where can you “use the Baller in different matches” a total of five times for the Week 4 challenge?

The real trick with any vehicle-based challenge is, obviously, finding the vehicle. Unlike permanent locations, vehicles have varied spawn rates like chests and ammo boxes. That means the potential locations where you might find a Baller is fixed, but that doesn’t mean it will always spawn there. In some cases, the baller might be tucked inside the messy corner on the second story of a Pirate Camp.

As far as we know, these are perhaps all of the potential Baller spawn points.

Epic Games

Think about how the X-4 Stormwing was introduced in Season 7 as a integral part of the map changes so you could find planes at new named locations and expedition outposts. The same is true for Ballers, which seem to spawn more frequently in or around newer locations like Lazy Lagoon but almost always at Pirate Camps and other random spots that are new to Season 8.

Our map details a lot of potential spawn locations for the Baller, but again, no single location is a guarantee. Ballers are a lot of fun to drive and very useful, so this challenge aside, lots of players might take them first. At least in the short-term, as many players focus on this challenge, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to track down a Baller. Thankfully, the challenge only requires that players “use” a Baller.

The best course of action, especially for more avid Fortnite players, might be to casually work towards this challenge between now and the end of the season. That way, whenever you happen upon a Baller, you can just be sure to ride it without letting the challenge detract from the actual experience of playing the game.

For anyone who absolutely must get it done ASAP, try going for the Pirate Camps, and also consider the other Week 4 challenge to “launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon.” Also be on the lookout for Buried Treasure maps for yet another Week 4 challenge.

Based on the in-game countdown to the end of Season 8, players have until Wednesday, May 8 to complete this and other challenges.

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