Rick and Morty Tease Season 4 in Hilarious 'Trover Saves the Universe' Ad

"Did you ask Adult Swim if you could do this clip?"

Morty Smith tries to shill Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s VR-optional video game Trover Saves the Universe in a new commercial, but he and his grandpa Rick Sanchez can’t help but tease Rick and Morty Season 4 in the process. They may have even hinted at a more specific release date!

“Man, it’s gonna be a while ‘till Season 4, ya know?” Morty says to Rick at the beginning of the new commercial. “Yeah, four months,” Rick replies. We already know from a May 15 announcement that Rick and Morty Season 4 will premiere in November, but never forget that Mr. Poopybutthole teased the Season 3 premiere date in the Season 2 post-credits scene. The eventual air date of April 1, 2017 was less than a week earlier than Mr. Poopybutthole’s “year-and-a-half … or longer!” prediction.

This new commercial was released on June 4, so why is Rick saying four months when November is five months away? It might be nothing, but it might mean that Rick and Morty Season 4 will premiere very early in November.

Morty and Rick playing 'Minecraft' in VR in the Season 3 finale.

Adult Swim

In Morty and Rick, the duo love video games. In the Season 3 finale, “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” they played Minecraft on PC and in VR form. They also live-streamed Fallout 76 with Ninja and Logic in November. Like most of us, they’re using video games to pass the time until Season 4.

“Good thing we have this game to play, huh Rick?” Morty says in the new commercial while playing Trover Saves the Universe. He is all of us, using Trover Saves the Universe to mitigate our longing for Rick and Morty Season 4 by playing a video game with the same sense of humor and even the same voices.

Rick hates on everything Morty loves yet again, calling the game “dumb,” “shit,” “garbage,” and “fucking bullshit.” Rick consistently breaks the fourth wall throughout Rick and Morty, showing self-awareness that he’s on a television show, and he takes it a step further here to offer some very meta commentary.

Trover (top-center) is a purple alien that sounds like Morty, and all of the blue Glorkon clones in this picture sound like Rick.

Squanch Games

“Jesus Christ, why does everyone in this game sound like you or me?” Rick says. (Justin Roiland himself voices both Rick and Morty in the Adult Swim series, and in the clips show, we hear him using a “Rick voice” for the evil Glorkon clones in Trover Saves the Universe and a “Morty voice” for Trover, the heroic purple eyehole monster who fights with a lightsaber.)

“Did you even ask Dan Harmon if you could do this clip?” Rick asks Morty in a hilarious break of the fourth wall. “Did you ask Adult Swim if you could do this clip?” Morty says no, meaning that neither the other Rick and Morty co-creator nor the network that owns the show approved of this commercial.

“Using us to shill this garbage — you should be fucking ashamed of yourself,” Rick says to his grandson.

Trover Saves the Universe is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC with VR-optional on both.

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